During this uncertain time it is probably best to do things that you have been putting off for some time. Maybe you want to clean out your garage, get rid of some clutter, or even start a project on your home? Or maybe teach your kids something they might need help with or have not learned yet. Whatever it is I hope it is fun and productive.  I am remaining positive that we will turn a corner. We will get through this mess. After all we have discovered vaccines for polio, chicken pox, and the mumps. We have even been to the moon. I have faith and I also know we need to live our lives at the same time be careful and not do something to jeopardize our health. We need to open the economy and be working again. What are you doing during this time?  Dining Rooms are offices, patios are break rooms, garages are now gyms. You have to hand in to us we are innovative people. We have found ways to get through this. I want to thank ALL of our healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, scientists, truck drivers, grocery employees, farmers, pharmacists. and postal workers. You always were our heroes it is a shame it took a pandemic to point this out.   As I have said before God is trying to tell us something that if we do not stop and notice the beauty it will be gone. We all know whose fault this is. (Sorry but it is true) We are the United States of America and we will get through all of this.  This is on China sorry but it is. They were careless and they lied. I will not go on about this I will only say that I have faith and I believe in God.


Now onto the next life lesson.