We all have a lot on our mind? Quite frankly, I am tired of it all. I want things back to normal.  I want America back to work. I want people buying my book. I  am grateful for all that I have. However, I am tired and we are all making the most of the situation. BUT there is always something good to  come out of this. People do come together and more entrepreneurs are born. This is when we feel hope and have faith.  We need to get back to our lives. I am grateful I live in a state that is allowing this. We are stronger than we have ever been. My prayers are with everyone that is having a rough time. I pray for all. God is good and he will get us through this. We need to trust in God .  What is your goal for this time? What have you done to stay healthy with your body and mind?  After this is  over will things change? Will we still be United? Remember after 911 everyone flew old glory proudly?  What happened to that? I guess it was short lived.  I hope we all learn something from this. I believe there is a lesson in this. We need to make our good here in the good old USA. We need to bring ALL manufacturing to America! America is back and stronger and then ever. I believe in our country and the President.  What are your thoughts’? Now onto the next life lesson.