I can remember summers being the best part of my life. I remember the friends I made, summer jobs, and summer romances. I remember all of it.  I remember my first summer as a teenager. I remember because that spring my Mom had died and it was the first summer she was not around.  It was hard and no one could possibly understand what I was going through. It was tough to make friends and I was trying to figure out how to be a teenager while being raised by an unreasonable man who dedicated himself to his profession rather than being a Dad that I can talk to.  These were the 80’s the times where life was simple and just getting started for me. The girls I grew up with had friends and their moms to confide it.  The trips were fun but deep down I still had not dealt with the sudden death of my mother. Even though they were great summers on paper they were lonely and confusing at the same time.  The girls separated into clicks but the clicks were all friends or associates of one another. I was the observer the one on the outside looking in,  The boys drooled over the girls and life during the summer was one big vacation. As time went on I just got through it one summer at a time.  Every summer was the same but different. Same type of girls and same type of boys.  It was just a different crew. I remember ALL those faces. Do they remember me? Did they know what I was going through?  I was invisible to most of them.  Life goes on and I think those summers should remain the past tied up in a nice little bow.  Let it go and live your life I think is the best advice. Let it Go. Now onto the next life lesson.