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New Announcement!!

Hey everyone my new title has been revealed. The King’s and Queens of Aberdale High!!!

Come Together, right now!

We all need to think about the good thing in life. We have our health, our family and we have each other. For some reason the bad always seems to over come the good and we forget all about the things that matter. It is not on  purpose it is a natural reaction when things go wrong. We concentrate on what is wrong instead of what is right. I bet if I made a list of things going right and things going wrong my right list would be more than my things going wrong list. Sometimes things seem bigger and much worse than they are.  We panic and we wonder why is this happening to me? Why are all these people causing problems. Why is the whole world gone mad?  I do not understand it Why do my kids have to live through this horror and pain?  I pray for everyone and I pray for peace. I hope God hears me.  I have faith and I know God will hear me. He will help us. People need to come together and pray and ask God for help. He has to see that we are coming together. This is what has to be done. I am asking all of my readers to pray and ask for God’s help. We need it and we need to come together. Thank you. Now onto the next life lesson.

Calling all Patriots!

I am so upset about everything going on in the world today! I hate thinking about it and I hate talking about it.  These people are trying to change history and all of the sudden everything offends them. If you do not like something than find something that you do like.   There is no reasoning with these people.  It is sad and it is scary. I did not sign up for this and neither did my kids. I am tired of these people ruining my America! Why don’t you go live somewhere else and tell me how much better is go ahead I dare you! I am so sad for my kids seeing all of these hate. We need more peace, laughter and patriots standing up for our country. I am calling out to my fellow patriots let’s take back our America. We need to get back to the way we were. Enough is Enough! I know I have had enough! How about you? If you have  a chance you have to see this guy on you tube talk about what is going on today. He is ON point! It is called Enough with the Anti white Narrative! Please check it out and let me know and please comment below.  God be with you today and always! Now onto the next life lesson.

Focusing on the Good

Considering all of the craziness there are plenty of good things to focus on. You are healthy. alive and well.  We have our loved ones and we are slowly going back to life. Where did it all go?  Why are things and people so complicated? Why can’t we just have peace? A simple five letter word seems to be next to impossible. I appreciate quiet so much more. I love the silence. I can think and concentrate. I do not like loud noises or big crowds. I like to shop when no one else does. I do not like to big groups of people unless I am comfortable. I like one on one conversations. I love to come home and put on my pajamas. I love to sit and write and think of new ideas. I love to read new books and get caught up in a story. What do you like to do? What calms you down? What do you have in your life that is special? I love my kids and my husband and my dog. Of course God I cannot forget about God. I pray and I hope he is listening.  I think many of us forgot about God and that is why all of this happening. We have to stop and think and remember OUR GOD!  Are you talking to God? Do not ever forget about God. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Angel story

I have story to share with you my readers. Yesterday, I was driving to pick up my daughter from camp. I started to talk out loud to God. I was saying my prayers. I was not in any danger I just wanted to talk to God. I also was talking out loud to my Dad. I asked them to take care of my family, watch over us and if possible please send me a sign all of this violence and bad stuff can end. Please send me a sign. I was stopped at a light and the car in front of me license at the bottom read  “In God we trust” It was then I knew my prayers would be answered. I knew that God was there at that moment listening to me.  Trust in God! I felt so good after that.  I encourage everyone to talk to God. He needs to hear from us.  Especially now during this crazy times.  We as a nation need to change what is going on. We need to get our country back and our values back. We need to heal and pray and ask God for help. I can tell you this that even though I am angry at all of this. I still talk to God and I have faith that we will come together. I am and always will be proud to be an American. We need to trust in our nation.  Are you sick of all of this hate and violence? Were you personally affected? How are you and your family dealing with all of this? I want to hear from my readers. Feel free to comment below. Now onto the next life lesson.

Faith Faith Faith!!!!!

I think we need to have faith more than ever now. I think we need God and we need to pray and be as strong as we can.  I think this whole pandemic and this whole disaster God is telling us appreciate what you have and love each other. Spend time with your family. Spread kindness.  Do not forget about God. He is here . I have never been religious but since having my kids I have turned to God many times. I have faith and I believe that we will overcome this. What is going on now in the world is so messed up. I hate talking about. I want my blogs to be positive and happy a place my readers can come to and read to smile, and enjoy, even laugh. I want peace. It is such a simple word and yet so hard to accomplish.  If these people do not like MY AMERICA than leave. It is that simple. If you are miserable than leave do not destroy what you do not or appreciate. History cannot be changed. We learn as a nation and can only move forward in a more positive direction. We should not spread hate! What good is that? It is these agitators doing this. NOT the good citizens of this country.  Who do you think you are destroying what is not yours!  These good honest hard working people are mad and upset and have every right to be!  These unwelcome vile individuals have been spreading hate and violence. This does not give any peace to those that have died.  They are no longer here to enjoy life. I am sad and I am scared. I pray that my country gets back and fights back that the honest citizens overthrow these horrible people! What happened to UNITED we STAND??? I stand with my country. I love my country! I love our President and if you do not stand with me that is okay. BUT DO NOT stop me from saying what I have to say. God Bless America!!!!!  Now onto the next life lesson.


Today I am going to write about anxiety. I always wondered how and why I got it. Yes, I get anxious and upset. I like order and routine and when there is something hanging over my head I feel like I cannot concentrate on anything else. I often feel like I am in a constant struggle. I feel like everything around me is suffocating me . When it is all over I can breath again. It takes time but sometimes others set my tone .  Do you feel anxious? Are you suffering from any anxiety? One time I went shopping and I forgot where I parked my car I walked around and around. I almost started to cry. I try to go to places that are not crowded. I do not like crowds. I panicked and then finally I found my car. I sat there for a few minutes to catch my breath and then I went home.  I felt whole again. I had my balance back and I was in control. I like to know what is happening and I have routine I follow.  What do you follow? Are you routine oriented? Are you a person that worries? How do you handle it?  Now onto the next life lesson.

My America

Yes, this is my America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Why because so many fought for our freedom. Yes, that is right so many fought for it. They died or were injured so that we can say and do what we want. I think now is a very crazy time  in our history. I think many have lost it. Sorry to say but they have. What in the world has gotten into people. I am a patriot and I believe in the constitution. the bill of rights, I pledge allegiance to the flag. I respect our military, our cops. our fireman. our first responders, our doctors, and nurses. I stand for the national anthem. What do you do? Do you believe in America? I do and I have faith. God is good and he will guide us through this. Always have faith it will get you through hard times. Find some peace and let things go. It is okay to be upset BUT it is not okay to destroy someones life. They worked there whole lives for. What did they ever to you? Are you productive? Do you work? Do you contribute? Remember that ALL human life matters. We can agree to disagree. We are all part of the same country. This is the USA and I am proud to be an American. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is it all about?

Every day we go about our routine. We have a certain way of doing things. It is about keeping a schedule and following directions. It is about every day life. We all live differently. Some of us are very neat and orderly while others are not. What is all about? What are we doing? Where are we going? Is there a beginning or an end to it all? We all know we start at birth and end at death. There is no avoiding that.  Sometimes we tend you over look things or over analyze situations. We are just trying to get through life. Sometimes we experience sadness and happiness. We go through hard times.  We learn from our experiences and we hope to do better the next time. The good news is we get a chance to do things over if we mess up. Some people just keep making the same mistakes causing pain and misery for others. Those are the selfish ones. The ones that you do not learn from their mistakes. Keep away from them that is my advice to you.  The people that cause you nothing but misery you keep away from. Do not let them into your life. They will never learn and the pain will not stop. It is not fair to you or your family. Do not let them back in. Do not give them any more chances.  Move on and live your life. The anxiety and the stress is NOT worth it. They do not deserve your time or energy. Let them make themselves miserable. What are your thoughts? Ia there someone in your life causing this?  I hope you resolve it soon. The sooner the better. They do NOT deserve your kindness.  They have manipulated you and taken advantage. Enough is enough. Do not let your life be ruined by this.  Pray fore peace and live your life. Enjoy your life and allow peace and good people. Now onto the next life lesson.


I was trying to think of the perfect blog to write today and then it hit me. Write about parenthood. I think I know a few things about it. I have raised two beautiful daughters who are becoming very wise and independent young ladies. I am so proud of them. My youngest has some time to grow and learn they both do. However. time waits for no one. Today my oldest will sit for her senior pictures. Wow how did that happen? Yesterday, you were in pre school.  Nope we all get older and we all go through life with good time and bad . Hopefully. we learn from the bad times and even the good. Parenthood there is nothing like it. You do not get paid, you do not go through training. You just do it. You love your kids more than yourself and you stand by them no matter what. To all the new parents out there you will get through it.  You will see. There is nothing you cannot do and there is no manual. You just have to love them and teach them right from wrong. It sounds simple but it is a lot of work. There are no raises or promotions. Your rewards are the hugs and kisses along the way.  When they get older and thank you for what you have done you know you have done your job because you taught them right from wrong. So come in the water is great! Happy parenting! This blog is dedicated to Ms. P and Ali. In memory of Maude. Now onto the next life lesson.

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