We all need to think about the good thing in life. We have our health, our family and we have each other. For some reason the bad always seems to over come the good and we forget all about the things that matter. It is not on  purpose it is a natural reaction when things go wrong. We concentrate on what is wrong instead of what is right. I bet if I made a list of things going right and things going wrong my right list would be more than my things going wrong list. Sometimes things seem bigger and much worse than they are.  We panic and we wonder why is this happening to me? Why are all these people causing problems. Why is the whole world gone mad?  I do not understand it Why do my kids have to live through this horror and pain?  I pray for everyone and I pray for peace. I hope God hears me.  I have faith and I know God will hear me. He will help us. People need to come together and pray and ask God for help. He has to see that we are coming together. This is what has to be done. I am asking all of my readers to pray and ask for God’s help. We need it and we need to come together. Thank you. Now onto the next life lesson.