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Own it!

You do something wrong you should own up to it. When you make someone feel bad you should own up to it.  People for the most part are good but as you know there are exceptions.  There are all kinds of people out there.  You know you have encountered them at some point in your life.  I try and focus on the good. However. in my life that hasn’t always been the case. I have endured quite a bit in my life and do you know what I am still standing! I have faced many villains in my day and I have overcome them all.  I am stronger than I think and smarter than I know. Stay away from the ones that make you feel bad about yourself.  Be the best YOU that you can be. Own up to the good and the bad. You only get one chance in life so make it count.  I remember not to long ago I needed some advice and I turned to someone I would least expect. I told this person my problem and they listened to me it is not someone that I have shared with before. I knew for some reason they could relate. You know who you are and I thank you C. We will call you C.  So try and remember if you do something wrong to own up to it.  Honesty is so important. God is good and he is here for you. Remember just OWN IT! Thank you for reading my blog . Now onto the next life lesson.

Dear God,

Is God listening? I hope so because I have a lot to say.  Many of us have a lot to say. First I am grateful for my family. Secondly, I am grateful for being healthy. I believe in God. I know we will get through this. But in the meantime. we have to remember God. All of us need to talk to God. We all need someone to turn to. Whether it is a friend, a professional or a religious figure. Each and every one of us needs to talk. Maybe if we talked more and listened the world would be a better place. We need more ears. If we had more ears we would know how others feel. We would know what to do. So what do you say will you be a listener? Will you be someone’s confidant? How do you feel about that? I was never religious but I always believed in God. I pray every day and I let him know how I feel. It is important that we take time out for ourselves. Whether we sit and pray and or have a moment of silence. We all need that time. What do you do to calm down? When do you talk to God? Do you take time out to talk to God? He is here and his always listening. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Your Gut

I have always said go with your gut. Your instincts will never steer you wrong. If you have a bad feeling chances are you could be right.  Know who you can trust. If you feel you cannot trust some one do not confide in them. PLEASE do not air your dirty laundry on social media.  There is still that thing called privacy. I believe in it. I believe in keeping things quiet not everyone has to know everything. You are in charge of your life no one else and no one and I mean no one should tell you what to do.  I think the worst feeling in the world if someone you love betrays your trust. There is NO getting it back!! Not a chance there is no turning back from that. How would you feel if someone you loved betrayed you? How would you feel  I want to know. Has someone done that? Did you forgive them.  Honesty is always best. Do not hide things from the one you love. You should always be true to the one you love. What are your thoughts? Is that true? Do yo agree? Let me know. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Definition of You and the people you choose

Whatever happens to you in life or no matter what anyone says do NOT let anyone define you. Do not let anyone tell you who you think you should be.  Do whatever it takes to make you be JUST YOU! There is no one else like you. You are the star of your own life. You are in control of what you do. I think sometimes we are so busy impressing others we forget who we are. You were not put on this earth to please everyone. Not everyone will like you and not everyone will accept you. When you find people that do you will know it. They will not judge you or change you. They will like you for you.  It hurts when you are not included in a gathering  or a simple invite.  You wonder why me what did I do? Why am I not in the know? Who gets to be in the know? I can tell you first hand that it hurts. I have been there and I have watched many people from a distance.  Make your own party, create your own fun. Be with people who want to be with you.  Stop worrying about those who don’t.  If  those do not like you for you than move on. Why are you getting exhausted thinking about it? It is human nature. We are curious we want to know what makes someone like you?  You can spend so much time thinking about why not me or you can do something about it. What are you going to do? To some of us it is still a work in progress. Others will move on and just accept they are not accepted. Some will make their own fun . What will you do?  I can tell you first hand that is not easy. Some things as a child still haunt me today. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Plus or minus

In life we have all made lists of pros and cons in a situation where we cannot decide what to do.  I think it is something that can help. I hope that the plus out weighs the minus. I am reading a new book right now that talks about that.  I have to say so far it is pretty good and even funny at times. I know we all have our ups and downs. However, life does have it pluses. We just have to look a little harder to find them. There are times we are faced with the unknown and that is a minus. When we get find out what it is and we get through it that would be a plus. We need more pluses in this world. If you work hard and your contribute you are a plus. If you do nothing and let your life fall apart you are a minus. BUT you can change that is the good news. You can change but it is up to you. You can dwell on things or you can move forward and be a plus. Let’s move forward together and spread some kindness.  What are your thoughts? Are you a plus? Let me know. I want to hear from you. I know you if you are reading this you already a plus. Now onto the next life lesson


There comes a time when you realize something that you could not pin point right away and then suddenly you put  it all together. It is a moment that you finally figure something out. Maybe something from your childhood that you realized in adult hood.  Have you realized something big lately? What have you realized? What was your epiphany? I realized something big this morning. It came to me in the shower. I finally realized why something hurt so much. I can say it is a relief but is it a cure? No, it is not a cure. I know why in one way but need still need answers in other ways.  It is always WHY? I wish I had an answer.  Maybe someday but I doubt it.   I can tell you this I am hurt by it in many ways. It makes me sad to feel like this. All I can say is I finally figured out part one now I must figure out part two . It is not always easy.  I will not get into what it is I will only say it is hurtful and some may assume things. You know when YOU ASSUME .  It is not life threatening, it is not the end of the world. I am not a little kid anymore.  The pain never goes away. All I know is if you have ever felt like you cannot fix a situation you cannot control it weighs on you. It all stems from childhood. It has followed me like a shadow.  I will pray for healing and for anyone that needs it. Now onto the next life lesson.


One thing we need to do as a nation is heal. We need to get rid of the anger and the fighting. Did we forget when we were once United? I guess we did. I have not. I am honored to be an American Woman.  We cannot be a house divided. Isn’t that what Abraham Lincoln said? We need to come together and stop this craziness. I know there are good citizens out there. I know we are not alone when I say I love my country and I will always be grateful that I am free because of the brave.  We need to pray more and we need to heal more. Think about it. Don’t you want peace? Don’t you want to heal as a nation? I will believe in us do you? I believe in the USA do you? We need to get back to being the Great country that we are! The citizens must UNITE!  Say that GOD is good. Say that you love your country! Say that you want to heal! I know I want all of those things but I am ONE person. I want more of you to say that you love America and you stand by it!!! Now onto the next life lesson

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Even in these crazy times we must not forget to have a sense of humor. We still need to laugh and we still need to be happy. We need happiness and we need our minds to be healthy. I know these times are tough but we will get through it.  I believe this to shall pass. I pray each day and I talk to God. I let him know we have not forgotten. I believe that faith and God will get us through this. Maybe some forgot that.  We need to laugh and tell jokes and be funny. Isn’t the saying laughter is the best medicine. We need that in our lives. Human beings need love and laughter . We need to know that we are loved and cared for.  We need our mental health to be in check. We cannot let fear take over. God is good and he will heal us. Pray to him, thank him, and let us get our lives back on track. Remember to laugh and smile we will all be happier and more calm if we do.  Thank you for reading my blog today. Now onto the next life lesson

Free Stuff

Yes, we all love free things. But what is really free? Buy one get one? Stuff people leave at the curb? You would be surprised what people consider treasures.  What another person considers junk another thinks it is a treasure. What did you find that you fixed up and used that was free? What do you consider treasures? Do you go to garage sales? Do you go to crafts shows? I am sure those few and far between now.  I always hope for the best. When you find something you love you should treasure it. You may have brought it back to life. Who knows what we can find if we really look. Are you handy? What have you fixed up? We need to bring things back to life. We need to feel like we healing and moving forward. What helps you heal? What makes you feel peaceful? Some people simply pray or meditate. Others may re build something. Some may write a book or blog like me. Some may refurbish furniture. Whatever it is I hope it heals you . I hope it makes you calm.  Thank you for reading my blog and if you want please comment below. Now onto the next life lesson.

The sweetest Angel

Let’ talk for a minute. I want to tell you a story. The other day I was talking to a woman who has been like a mother to be since I was twelve years old. We will call her the sweetest angel. Why is she the sweetest angel? It is because  that is how I see her. She always says things that I would never think of and right after I speak to her I feel like I was cleansed in some way. She gave me some very good advice. She told me it helps set aside some quiet time and make sure you incorporate it into your schedule. Stop and sit and take deep breaths and just pray. Talk to God and listen to the silence.  Do this every day she said. I did it for the first time yesterday. I did it briefly today but still more to come. I need that time to sit in quiet. What do you do to calm down? Do you pray? Do you stop, sit an breath? If you don’t I highly recommend it.  Whatever you do I hope you find time for quiet. I hope you sit and breath. If we all find time for this it will be a more peaceful world. Remember God is listening. He is teaching us patience. He is telling us to calm down. If we do then we have won. We need to unite and remain calm. In this crazy world we need him more than ever. Let me know your thoughts. Now onto the next life lesson.

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