Yes, I think America deserves a very Happy Birthday! I think we need some good news and some peace. This is what I want this year for my country! There is way to much  hate and craziness in the world! There is way to much tension and bad things happening. We need to Unite. We need to be Americans! This is who we are. We are humans and we need to have love. We need connections. Unfortunately, some have lost faith. Please do not ever lose faith. We lose that and we are done! God is here and he wants to hear from us. He wants you to be the best you can be. He has given us a world full of beauty! We cannot let anyone take that way. We are not a perfect nation but we are a great nation! We need to celebrate with God, our family, and our friends. We need to keep our faith alive! Our founding fathers worked so hard to create this great nation!   I believe with some faith and some reminders of how great we can be we can overcome this terrible time in our country! I will never turn my back on my country. I will always respect ALL who fought for our freedom and still do. I will never lose faith. You should not either. I want the most amazing patriotic birthday for my country. I want one that we can ALL celebrate peacefully. I want the citizens to fight back and take America back!  We need our freedoms and our liberties for future generations. I want our children to grow up learning the history of our nation the good and the bad. I believe everything happens for a reason. God is testing us and if we lose faith and give up then we have failed . I do not want to fail!  I want to prosper after all I am proud to be an American! God bless America! Home of the free because of the brave! Now onto the next life lesson!