Even in these crazy times we must not forget to have a sense of humor. We still need to laugh and we still need to be happy. We need happiness and we need our minds to be healthy. I know these times are tough but we will get through it.  I believe this to shall pass. I pray each day and I talk to God. I let him know we have not forgotten. I believe that faith and God will get us through this. Maybe some forgot that.  We need to laugh and tell jokes and be funny. Isn’t the saying laughter is the best medicine. We need that in our lives. Human beings need love and laughter . We need to know that we are loved and cared for.  We need our mental health to be in check. We cannot let fear take over. God is good and he will heal us. Pray to him, thank him, and let us get our lives back on track. Remember to laugh and smile we will all be happier and more calm if we do.  Thank you for reading my blog today. Now onto the next life lesson