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Do you live to work or work to live?

If you love what you do you are blessed. Not many people love their jobs or careers.  You know the saying do you live to work or work to live? I have had so many jobs in my life.  However, deep in my heart none of them fit me except maybe one when I was a investigator for high end store and even that got tiring.  I have always been a writer and I have written many stories as a kid. Finally, became an author in 2006 and then wrote another book in 2019. I am an independent publisher and I hope to be successful.  It takes time and I know that one day I will . My next novel should be out very soon.  To answer my one question I live to work.  I believe in good things come to those who wait.  How do you feel about what you do? Are you having fun in your career or your job? Do you love to go to work? Or are you stressed? Do you dread every single moment of it? If you could do anything what would you do? What are your dreams?  If you work hard it will pay off  especially if you do what you love even if you don’t and you work hard it will pay off. Success comes in many faces.  It has always been in my blood to work hard. I will always do my best in anything I do. What about you ? Are you ready to work hard and achieve greatness in the greatest country in the world? Go for it! Now onto the next life lesson.


I think that having a companion is so important whether it is a person or an animal it is good to have some one you love by your side.  They say having a dog lowers stress. Maybe that is true. I think that since I have gotten a dog it has helped me. Do you have a dog or  a cat? Do you have one person you can always count on? If you are you are really blessed. I think being a lone is nice at times but we as humans need love, touch, and companionship.  How do you feel? What do you think? Who is your companion? Is it your spouse? Are you empty nesters? Are you recently both retired?  There are so many people out there that are alone some choose to be and others they want companionship but they just do not have it and that breaks my heart. I think all this craziness going on leads to depression and suicide. I think that people need people. What do you think? Are you okay with being alone? I know my Dad liked to be alone but he also had M. M was everything to him.  She lived close by and they got together, went on trips. and spent time together. Once M passed my father was very sad. He would never tell me but I knew.  If you want to be with someone that be with them. Do not waste any time. Tell them how you feel. You will always be grateful you did. Now onto the next life lesson.

Self Conscious

Are you self conscious? Do you hate the way you look? Do you exercise? How do you get over this? Is there a way? If you are busy mom like me it is so hard to put yourself first. You are always doing for everyone else. BUT what about you? What about the self care you need? I am a busy mom but my kids are getting older and now I feel it is time to start to put me first. I say that now I have to do it. Have you done it? Do you practice self care? I recently took a really good look at myself and said, “It is time to practice self care and take care of me. I am not getting any younger and I feel it is important. I used to exercise every day and then I stopped and I do not even know why. I need to add it to my routine. I need to take care of myself because if I don’t no one else will. Do you feel that way? It is up to me and I think I am up for the challenge? I can do this I have faith. Maybe I will start to feel less self conscious and feel better about myself. What do you think? Are you ever in a slump? How did you get out of it? I have to stay focused and set my goals. Maybe one goal at a time. I think I can do that. What about you? What are you waiting for? Let’s get going! Now onto the next life lesson.

From My Heart

To be honest I am sad for all of the stuff going on. This is not how I grew up. We did not have internet, social media, and cell phones and do you know what we lived! Yes, kids played outside, people got together and life was simple. The key word being simple. My parent raised me to say please and thank you.  I sent out thank you notes for gifts. I even had my own stationary. I believed that I was safe. Now both my parents are gone, this country is scary. I hate wearing a mask. I do not like my kids growing up in this time. I am scared and sad. BUT I will always stand GOD, my family, my country, my military, and my beliefs. I believe that we will get through this. WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I miss that. I miss the simple times. I miss being a kid but not in these times. I am grateful I grew up when I did. I would not want to be a kid now. I never imagined this for my kids. I will continue to pray and have faith I think that is all I can do.  Are you scared? Are you afraid? Do you believe in GOD? You do not have to tell me. I just want my readers to know that even though I am scared and sad I do have faith.   I miss having a living parent someone I can lean on.  It is okay I am strong.  How about you can you handle this? I guess we have no choice. If we get through this we can get through anything.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Compliments Words that make you feel good again

Just this morning I noticed a text that an ol friend had sent to me. Telling me they miss parents like me who care.  Parents who fight for their kids and want to be involved. It breaks my heart that it seems few and far between. It is sad. These are our children and our future. YOU decided to have your children and now it is your responsibility to take care in every way.  I was raised by a very conservative father. We may have had our differences BUT he instilled in me many values. He used to say you want something done right you do it yourself. You want something you have to earn it, and money does not grow on trees.  You have to respect the value of a dollar, You have to work hard to have nice things. Education is a gift. It is something that everyone should take advantage of learn everything you can whether in school. vocational school, the library, or just plain old life. Open your ears and your heart listen to your parents. It all begins at home. Your parents are the ones that should be guiding you. Once you become an adult it is time to take their advice and go for it. It makes it feel good that someone noticed the time and the energy I put into my kids. I learned that from my Mom. She put a lot of time in me and I am doing the same for my kids. After all they are my  kids and I am their mom and it my job.  I just want to raise good girls that turn into strong women, who do the right thing. believe in God , and work hard. Earn their way, get promoted, and are healthy and happy. All very simple things. A big thank you to D who sent me that note. It made my year my friend. Thank you for noticing the hard working Mom. Now onto the next life lesson.


Have you ever been promoted at work? Why were you promoted? What did you do? Did you earn it? Did you climb the corporate ladder? Of course you did you earned it. You worked hard and you got it. What if someone else got it and you didn’t? Did they deserve it as much as you? How would you feel if that happened to you?  How about those that work extra hard and do not get noticed? How about the ones that c do not earn it and get it? I would be angry. Would you quit and look for another job or stick with where you are and hope for another chance?  Would you approach your boss? What would you say? If I felt I worked really hard and got compliments on how hard I worked and then did not get the promotion I would be upset. What if it was promised to you and went to someone else? I remember being at a job and this person was there longer and got a promotion.  They eventually left and I wanted their job. I got the responsibilities even wrote the best reports. I did not get the promotion I felt I deserved. Eventually, I left and got promoted in my next job . I was hired for the promotion. I think the person I worked for resented me and made me life not so fun. Eventually, I left and moved on. The best decision I made. I missed one person from that job luckily we stayed in touch. Thanks G you were great to work for.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Single vs Married

Are you single? Are you living the life you want to live? Or are you looking for your soul mate? Are you happy? Do you want to settle down? Maybe you choose to be and that is okay. Maybe you have not found the right person. Or maybe you just are too picky? What is single life like? You can do whatever you want and see whoever you want. Are you lonely?  Now for the married side. Are you happy? Do you love your spouse? Do you have kids? Do you communicate well? I bet each side wonders what it would be like to be either? What do you think?  There are so many variables. I know of this person and we will call her SB.  Some people wonder what is like to be single when they are married just like they wonder what is like to be married. Maybe that is crossing enemy lines I am not sure. (HA HA) Either way. if you are happy than that is great. If not than maybe it is time do something. Oh and SB if you are wondering if she likes being single well  I guess until you do something you will never know right?  Sometimes in life you come across things and learn new things . You are either kicked in the stomach, stabbed in the back or stabbed in the heart. I wonder which is worse? If you are happily married than god bless you. If you are single and happy than god bless you. If you are just plain old happy than you are truly blessed. Now onto the next life lesson.

Planning a Vacation?

It is definitely something nice to think about during this crazy times. Where would you go? Would you just go somewhere or book in advance? I would definitely book in advance. I would plan every thing by the day. Let’s say I wanted to swim one day or see the sites the next I would book all the things I wanted to see for one day and plan a relax by the pool day the next. You do not want to stay to busy after all back home you are always rushing. Who wants to rush on vacation? Certainly not me. I would want to go somewhere quiet and peaceful. It would have to be warm and definitely have a pool or a beach. Cruising is fun but I think I prefer land. I am more free and can do anything. I guess a cruise you can too. After all everything is included . How do you plan things? Do you make a schedule or decide the night before?  All of these options are something to think about when you are planning your next trip. Now onto the next life lesson.

Why are we always rushing?

Why is everyone always in a rush? I feel that I am constantly on the go.  Are you always on the go? Do you rush to get to work? Maybe you need to learn about time management. Make a schedule. Every week day you have a schedule that you follow. You get up at a certain time even if it is extra early you leave yourself some time to think, have breakfast, and then head off to work or take your kids to school. This way there is less rushing around. You follow that schedule and it become routine and than second nature like putting on your shoes. You will be less rushed and less likely to get a heart attack. Days need to be planned out. Kids as well as adults need routine. I  have a routine that we stick to like glue. We all know it and follow it. There is no rushing around and yes things get done. It is a very simple routine.  There are even gaps in between but we stick to it and then the rest of the day can flow.  I  need routine I need to know what is going on. How about you are you a routine person? Do you have a schedule? Are you all over the place? It is important to take time for YOU. YOU need self care because we need to take care of our family we need to take care of ourselves. So stop the rushing and follow a routine your life will be more organized. Now onto the next life lesson.

Good People

There are so many people out there. All different types. There are all different nationalities and  religions.  There are many GOOD people no matter where they came from if they show kindness and respect they are good.  If they value your friendship they are good. If they are people that love God they are good. Good people are everywhere but the best of the good is really hard to find. When you find the best of the good hold onto those people because they are the BEST. People that go out of their way to do something kind are the ones you want to be with. The ones that are the fair weather friends are the ones to watch out for. Their are some that are selfish and mean. They can be cruel and unkind. You do not want the rotten apples you want the ones that like you for who you are.  I have had fair weather friends. I have been burned really bad. Now I know what to look for and I can see through it. Even  people within your family can be selfish.  You can cut out the selfish ones and continue on with your life. It is your life and you should decide who is in it.  Keep the best of the best because they are the ones that will have your back. There are many that only care about themselves and those are the ones you run from. Choose wisely and go with your gut.  Always know YOU are amazing and anyone that does not think so is not worth it.  Distance yourself from the selfish and the liars.  Keep away from the ones with bad habits. Those are the worst kind.  Be with people that make you feel comfortable. Now onto the next life lesson.

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