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Fear vs Faith

Of course we all have fear. However, if we believe in God we should always have faith.  Faith and God go hand in hand.  I know these are crazy times. As they say this to shall pass. Do not throw in the towel you just never know what is going to happen. We should never give up and trust in God. God is good. Keep praying and talking to him. He is listening and right now we need him more than ever. We need for him to help us. Our founding fathers trusted in God and we must do the same. I pray every day. Do you believe in God? Do you pray? Had fear taken over? Please do not let that happen that is what they want. Do not give up ever! Fear can he scary and these times are scary.  If we stand together and believe in God we will prevail. I admit I am very scared. I have faith and sometimes I can let that slide. We need to believe . Do you believe? Christmas is the time for miracles. You just never know what God has in store. Do not give up! Always have faith! I would love to hear from my readers. Now onto the next life lesson.


How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have a big gathering or a small gathering? Do you cook a lot of food? Do you have the traditional meal? One thing  I can say is I am thankful for my family. I am grateful we will be together sharing our time. I am sad for those that can’t be with family or friends for the holiday. I am a little more sad than usual because my Dad is no longer here. I used to talk to him on Thanksgiving and he would tell me he was eating  a delicious turkey leg and watching football on the couch. He had his favorite spot. He would talk to the girls and sometimes be silly and annoying. I would give anything to hear it now.  We all have our traditions the things we do and who we do them with. Maybe you just something simple. Maybe you are not much of a cook or maybe you prefer to be alone like my father did. I do not understand that. You should do what you want but everyone needs someone . No matter how you celebrate I hope you celebrate with those you love. I wish all of my readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Now onto the the next life lesson.

Mental Health

I take mental health very seriously. I lost my mom to depression when I was eleven years old.  The pain is not visible but it never goes away. It is in you for the rest of your life. I miss my mom every day and I wish someone had been able to save her. Have you lost someone to depression? Why is there so much red tape just to talk to someone? Why does it take so long? Everyone suffers and no one does a thing. I do not like red tape I like doers. My motto is “Get it done now!” If you need help you should be able to get it. You should be able to talk to someone and get the help you need. I lost my Mom because no one could help her she was not under the right care they did not know enough about mental health years ago. I wish they had maybe she would still be alive.  I know I can make her proud and be strong. It is so important to take care of you and talk to someone if you need to. If you know someone that is depressed please help them get help. You never know what someone is going through. Try not to judge and be kind.  Thank you for reading my blog. If you need help  Suicide Hotline is  1*800*273*8255 Please get the help you need . Now onto the next life lesson.

Things that make us happy

What are some things that make you happy? How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Do you live in a cold climate or a warm climate?  Are you an early riser? I know that my girls make me happy. I love being with my daughters and just talking to them.  It is as simple as that. Even though sometimes I feel sad when I think about them I smile.  I enjoy reading good books, writing my novels, and being creative. No one can take that away from me. What makes you happy? What do you do each day to care for yourself? Do you reward yourself something special? Do you take time out for you? It is very important to do something once a day for you. Something that makes you feel good about you. We need that especially in this crazy times. All I want is my family, peace, and freedom. What do you want most? How do you deal with stress? Try doing something that makes you happy and see how it goes. Go ahead I dare you. Now onto the next life lesson.

Any kind of Pet, Animals and stress relievers

To quote a host on TV “Animals are Great” I really love animals. I can feel less stress just by being with my dog and petting her makes it even better. They are loyal, they love you, and they give love right back.  This year has been a total nightmare. I am grateful because it could have been worse.  I am just so stressed lately that I need my dog more than ever.  Why is this happening? There are so many factors it hard to name just one. One thing I do know is that I believe in God and my dog notice the two words spelled backwards are God and dog.  Yes, I love my family, I have food on the table, and a roof over my head, all wonderful things. How about you  how are you stressed? Have things it home? I do not like to feel like this. What do you do to de stress? Yesterday, I looked at cute pictures of animals to calm down.  I guess you can say it helped. I hope it did. Do not get me wrong I am not complaining at all. I just feel stressed and out of sorts. I wish this blog was more positive and enlightening. Either way life must go on and people should look to get a pet if they do not have one. Pray to God and take deep breaths.  This to shall pass. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Positivity starts with a good attitude. Avoid the people who make you miserable and invite those who make you feel good. It is not as easy as it sounds but it can be done.  Do not dwell on the past and what could have been think about the future and what could be. Set goals for yourself and each time you achieve a goal give yourself a reward. It does not have to be expensive just something simple that you love.  We all have stress in our life but if someone or something can be cut out of your life than do it. Why should you suffer? After all isn’t this your life? Who is living it you are right? Yes, I know sometimes we have to do things we do not like but that does not mean add stress.  It means to live your life the way you want to live it to take care of you and you put you first. YOU matter and you can take those steps to a positive and peaceful life. How about it will you do it? We all need peace and we all deserve a happy life so what are you waiting for let’s get started. Now onto the next life lesson.

How do you do it?

How do people do things with a straight face? How do they knowing they will hurt someone? How are certain people so selfish? I do not like selfish people.  It makes it worse when they are family members. Either way in the end I believe we all get what we put into this world. God is watching and we know God is good. I believe people get what they deserve and no one leaves this earth unscathed  I do not want to be negative but it is true. To many people take advantage of good people. I believe if you do good in life you feel good about yourself and treat others well. If you are selfish and do not care who you hurt time after time then you too will get what you deserve. I would recommend that you stay away from selfish and negative people you will be happier and live longer.  Cut those out that make you miserable. Especially the ones that make the same mistakes time after time. You will be happier and healthier. No one should make you feel bad or uncomfortable. Surround yourself with people that respect you and your family. Stay away from the ones that cause misery. Your life will be empty. It is not healthy to be near negativity. Be good, count your blessings. and always thank God. Now onto the next life lesson.

Giving Back

Do you give back? Do you do do things to help others? Are you selfish or selfless? How do you give back? Do you make donations? Do you volunteer? I remember I used to volunteer in my girls classroom when they were little. I helped the kids and the teachers.  When my oldest was in pre school I volunteered every day. I loved it. The director wanted to hire me and I was going to work there and I got pregnant with her sister. Either way, I put in my time and many hours to help out.  Giving back to people makes your heart feel good. It makes you smile and want to do more and more. we should not only give back around the holidays we should always give back no matter what time of year it is. Do you like the holidays or do you get sad? Maybe you should give back and find some way to help others so you can heal. I think we need healing in this country now more than ever.  I want to hear from you how do you give back? Now onto the next life lesson.

No more Drama, please

Do you love to be there for your friends? Of course we do. It is our duty as friends to help our friends out when they need it.  Especially, when they need an ear. I  would hope the same for me. However, when the drama does not stop it is time to decide if you want to continue that friendship. I am a loyal friend however, I cannot be apart of the constant drama. I learned a new saying that I would like to share “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” Yes, you read that right. Personally, I need to concentrate on me something I  have been neglecting and finally trying to put myself first.  For years I put everyone ahead of me. I will not do that anymore. We all learn lessons along the way some harder than others but in the end we get through it.  I care about the people in my life and my family comes first. What about you do you have drama?  Do you invite it into your life? Please shut the door and keep out.  I wish everyone well and I will always pray for everyone. If you need to work on you than do it. Everyone should concentrate on themselves. Say goodbye to the drama and say hello to your life, your peace, your mind. No more ring masters. no more circus . the monkeys are gone. Learn to love yourself and concentrate on you. How about it are you ready? Now onto the next life lesson.

Good vs Evil

As far as I know in all the movies good wins over evil.  Of course that should be true for real  life.  We need that more than ever now. Good will prevail and the evil should disappear. Good MUST win. It is about our lively hood and our freedom at stake. We have fought to hard to have it taken away. What about the military that fought for our freedom? Was it all for nothing? NO it was not. We need to band together and be strong. We need to fight for our rights. After all we are the United States Of America. We need GOD more than ever! Pray and always have faith. In the end GOOD will prevail. Now onto the next life lesson.

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