Have you ever gotten a gift that you saved to re gift?  It is something you just do not like and you save it for someone that does. I am sure at some point we all have re gifted something. I remember getting something that I re gifted to someone. They loved it and everyone was happy. Years ago I  had gone to a Christmas party and I had given the hostess a gift.  It is up to you what you do with it after someone gives it you.  If you keep your gifts that is fine to. I usually keep mine too. I enjoy gift giving. I like to find the perfect gift. I like everything form picking it to wrapping it and giving to that person. I enjoy making people happy.  Do you like the gifts that you get? I usually give people a choice and have them pick what they want to buy.  I ask the person what they want and I get it if I can.  You should always have a plan B. If you know they like certain things look for those things they like. No one wants a bad gift.  You never know what people will do. I would just enjoy the fun and make the memories. It is not all about the gift it is about the friendship and the memories. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.