Anyone come here and make something of themselves. This is what makes this country great. It is the land of opportunity. If you work hard you will accomplish your dream. I remember taking a trip to Ellis Island and I saw my Grandfather’s name on the wall. I have a picture of it somewhere. He came here and made something of himself. He had a dream and he did it. So many came here with a dream. You will make it because there are so many that need you to make that happen. If you believe and work hard than you will. I love my country. I pray for our country. Please do not kill the American Dream. God is good and he is here. Pray if you have to the more we pray the more we will see good things. Good things come to those who wait. Do you know someone that came here and made it big? Do you know someone that came to Ellis Island? I am sure you do. It could have been your parents, grandparents, or whoever and because of them this is why we can make dreams come true. Now onto the next life lesson.