Do you have a lot of friends? Do you trust everyone you are friends with? Do you enjoy spending time with friends? I have to say that I have some very good friends. I do not have a ton of friends. I also do not need a ton of friends. I trust my handful of friends and that is exactly how I want it. I do not need to have the latest of everything, I do not need to do what every once else is doing. I need to feel loved, safe, and respected. If I do not feel any of those things than I have not found a true friend. I have had certain friends for many years. Some come and go some stay by your side. It is okay if they go I understand. However, I have wondered why. I guess life gets in the way. I cherish the friends I do have. I hope they cherish my friendship. I would think they do. I am blessed with who has chosen me to be their friend. Thank you for your friendship. Do you have a best friend? I have a best friend . She is the best that is why she is my best friend. If you have someone that you can always count on and that is loyal and trustworthy hang on to them they are worth more than gold. I want to thank my handful of friends and you know who you are. J,S, KR,KW,KM,TDA,RT and all my Dean friends you know who you are. Now onto the next life lesson.