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I want to let everyone know that Kings and Queens of Aberdale High is coming out any day now. I am so excited to share my news with all of my readers. It will be on be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. I hope you purchase either one. I hope you enjoy my book. I worked very hard on it and I am excited to see how much everyone enjoys it. I had lots of inspiration writing this book. Let’s just say I took a lot of time and thought and to put my words on paper. The characters in the book we are all familiar with. We all have known a Brittany or a Jake. A Chloe or a Tyler. We have all known someone like these people. We can all relate to these characters. Here is a brief summary:

Chloe Parker starts her senior year this year. She has no idea what lies ahead. As a teenager she must over come many hardships. She is not alone she has her best friend Tyler by her side.

Now onto the next life lesson.


Today I want you to do an act of kindness. I want you to spread kindness. I want you to choose being nice over being mean. I want you to sit with the kid that sits alone. I want you to pay it forward. We need more kindness and we need it NOW! What are you waiting for? Let’s go spread some kindness. Let me know what you did for someone. I think we forgot about paying it forward. We need more kindness in the world. One act of kindness should spread. I am going to do an act of kindness today. Will you? I hope you do . I hope you smile at someone, pay for their coffee, help someone with their groceries, listen to a problem and help solve it. You got this now go ahead! Let’s go out there and show the world we can all be kind. Now onto the next life lesson.


I know I talk a lot about prayer. I do not want to preach or tell anyone what to do. You can believe what you want. I know God is here and he will listen. I believe in prayer. I believe in faith. Lately, we need both. I think anyone would agree. This world has gone crazy. I pray for peace and other things. I wish everyone good things in life. Good things come to those who wait. I have one a few prayers out there. I feel they are stuck. I hope God is listening. We cannot give up on anything in this world. We need our freedom, justice, and peace. Will you pray for that? Do you believe in that? People need each other right now. Families need each other right now. Our children need us right now. If we all pray together we have a chance. Are you with me? I am praying because that is what I have. I will pray for you. Remember always have faith. Now onto the next life lesson.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Is the American dream over? Are we done? Are we losing the battle? I never thought I would see such anger and hated in all my life. There is so much out there. We cannot continue to spread hate. We have to listen to one another and accept other points of view. Just because we do not like or agree with what someone says does not mean they are wrong it just means they think differently. People are always preaching diversity well is it just one sided? This is not what this country is built on. I am sad and scared for the future. How do you feel? Are you scared? I pray for my kids and their future. We all in Gods hands. I pray everyday that things get better. Do you pray? Are you talking to God? What can we do? How can we make others accept other views? I thought this was the United States of America. What is going on here? Here is what I know NO ONE can take away your beliefs, or your principles. You should never give up and always have faith. No one can take that from you. If you think positive than positive things will come you way. I am praying how about you? Now onto the next life lesson.

Good versus Evil

Does good win in the end? Does evil take over? What is going to happen? Are you scared? I am very scared. I am going to pray to God and hope that things will get better. How do you feel about all of this craziness going on in the world? I know I am tired of it. I am scared, and tired. I want to hear about some good. I want to hear things will work out. Will they work out? There is so much at stake. People are not the same. I feel an anger within this country. We need to unite and have peace. I want freedom and hope and God. Patrick Henry said it best. “Give me liberty or give me death.” New Hampshire says, “Live free or die.” We need our founding fathers. We need our America back. How do we do it? What do we do? Do you know the answer? Are you praying to God? I know I am . What about all of the veterans past and present are they just going to be forgotten? We need God and we need faith. I just am speechless about what has happened. I want justice, freedom, and peace. What about you? It makes me want to re read the constitution. We all should read it and live by it. What is happening is out of control. People are sad and depressed. I pray for those that need it. I think we all need it. I hope God is listening. If we all pray and pray things will get better. God wants to hear from us. Now onto the next life lesson.


These are crazy times. I never thought in a million years that I would be living through craziness. I never thought I would see these terrible riots on television. I understand people are angry and they have every right to be. However, I do NOT condone violence in anyway. This is not my country that I saw last night. These people are frustrated and have it with what is going on and they feel no one is listening. Is there anyone listening? What can we do now? We are supposed to be free and able to keep our country safe. I ask that you pray to God and continue to pray for out country. We need peace, truth, and justice. We need to feel whole again. We need to heal as a nation. We need to be able to put our heads on the pillow at night and not worry. I am scared and I am afraid. To those that do not agree that is okay BUT be careful what you wish for. How do you feel about all of this? I want to hear from you. I want my fellow readers and patriots to let me know how they feel. God bless our country and let freedom ring. Live Free or Die. Now onto the next life lesson.

Live Free or Die

This is a one of the best historical quotes of all time. We need to be free. I am scared now. I am afraid for this nation. What is going on this country? I do not want my kids growing up and not being free. I do not want to live the rest of my life in a communist country. Our founding fathers created the constitution to protect us. Did someone forget about it? Are you scared? There is no where to run. What will happen? I will go to my grave knowing this Presidential election was stolen. We need GOD more than ever. We need truth and justice. How do you feel about all of this? We need America to be free.

The Georgia Election was a special election so far I am not liking the results. I am scared and I do not want to lose my civil liberties. Would you want to lose yours? We must stand together and fight for our freedom like all of our soldiers have. What will you do? Will you fight? Are you frightened?

I pray to GOD that he helps us and that something changes. I pray of our nation. I think you should too.

Now onto the next life lesson.


At some point in life we need to make decisions. Some are easy and some not so easy. Sometimes we hit a cross road and other times we can decide right away. Life is about choices and decisions usually follow. What is the toughest decision you ever had to make? What was the easiest decision? I bet you have had lots of hard decisions to make. The easy ones come and go. Do you change your mind a lot or stick to your decision? I guess it depends. If you have to decide something for someone that means you are honoring their request. Therefore the decision is made. Life is not always easy. It is hard and full of choices and decisions to make. We just need to be sure we have thought everything through. Whatever it is supposed to be decided I am sure you made the right choice. It is has been decided and that is it. There is no going back. Have you ever regretted a decision? Have you ever felt relieved? There is always prayer and you may not realize it but sometimes God plays a role and helps you out. I think that is true more often than not. Trust in God and trust you will make the right decision. Now onto the the next life lesson.


We all make choices in life. We decide how to live our lives each day. We have our beliefs and our own set of rules and from there we decide how we want to go about our lives. Maybe we want to go to college later in life to get a masters. Maybe we want to work out every day. Whatever your choices is I hope it is a healthy one. There are so many people that do not make good choices. I like to think I make good choices. Do you make good choices? How do you decide which choices to make? Do you ask for advice? Or do you just decide what you feel is best. Either way it is important we make the right choices. If we do not then there can be consequences. I always try and see the good in everything. I think that is important. What decisions have you made lately? Maybe you decided to move or renovate your home. Whatever the decision I hope it makes you happy. One thing I have learned that is is important to be happy. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Day After

Are you relieved 2020 is over? Do you feel any different? Are you praying for our nation and the American people? Are you afraid of what is to come? How do you feel about it all? What are your thoughts? Do you have faith? I am afraid of what is to come. I am scared for my family and for the people of this nation. To those that what change be careful what you wish for! Be true to your country. I stand for freedom and the American way! I believe in the American dream. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves. I am only one person and I am a patriot and I want my America to be free and safe. How about you? What do you believe? Thank you for reading my blog . Now onto the next life lesson.

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