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Why do we do the things we do?

I think that is a loaded question. Sometimes we do things out of anger. Sometimes we do things because we are in love. Either way we have passion and that is a good thing. Are you passionate? Do you go after what you want? Are you afraid to speak up? We need to speak up and we need to be heard. This is the greatest country in the world and we have opportunity and freedom. Where else can you get opportunities like this? NO WHERE! We do the things we do for so many reasons. We often ask ourselves What if? If it is meant to be it will happen. We are all in god’s hands. Do you believe in GOD? Are you one that prays? Humans are going to make mistakes . Hopefully, we learn from them. We love to give and know we are loved. Sometimes the good ones get away and sometimes we find a new love. We do the things we do because we want to. We want to experience that love . We want to feel loved. How do you feel? Are you loved? Of course you are. You have your family and your friends. We all have love to give. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep reaching for the stars and living your dream. You are only young once. Go out there and find your true love and tell him or her you love them Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Little Things

Sometimes we need to take a look at our lives and appreciate the little things. Do you do little things for the one you love? Do you leave a note on her pillow or a rose? Do you hold the door open for a lady? Do you smile at someone you find attractive? Do you do the little things that make us smile? It is the little things that mean the most you thought of someone and went out of your way to do it. I love that in a person. It makes you feel loved and wanted. It does not have to be anything extravagant just something to make someone smile. Maybe you made them breakfast in bed or maybe you made a candle lit dinner. Maybe you just brought home flowers and maybe you just snuggled and watched a movie. Whatever little thing you did you made a difference. YOU made someone smile. You went out of your way to say, I love you! It is that simple. Make someone’s day and show them you love them. Are you ready to make a difference? Are you ready to make the one you love smile? What did you do to make someone smile? Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Old fashion girl

I guess I am an old fashion girl living in times I just do not understand. What happened America? Am I in a coma and just dreaming all of this? I wish I was but I know I am not. What is happening why is there such hatred and divide? I miss the 70’s and the 80’s when times were simple and yes better. Where is the good? Did someone take our minds and common sense? I just do not understand any of it. What happened to values, traditions. respect for your parents? I know I am raising mine to be respectful. I do not condone violence or rudeness or anything. we ALL matter on this world not one specific person or group. We are ALL AMERICANS and OUR founding fathers worked hard on that document that brings us freedom. Our soldiers fought and some women fought for us! Molly Pitcher, Susan B Anthony, and many others. I do not know about you but I want those times back. I want every kid back in school. Bring the vaccine to the schools, Bring GOD into your life. I will pray and I have been praying! I hope God hears me. Does he hear you? Do you pray? The one thing we need now is GOD! Pray to him and he will listen. If you need to talk to someone find a qualified professional. These days are not easy but with GOD and some help you will. NEVER lose faith. I believe it will take time but OUR AMERICA is coming back you will see. God bless you all. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Little Bully

When I was little there was a little girl who picked on me. She not only picked on me she was down right mean to me. She was cruel she was obnoxious and a million other little things. I am sorry but it is true. Back then I had a lot of issues and I was very shy. I wish I could face her now and tell her exactly what I think. It was a long time ago but it doesn’t matter those things stay with you You never forget their name or what they looked like or the words they spoke to you. Years later I heard something she has Covid. I do not want wish this on anyone not even her. I will admit a small part of me is thinking God is telling her be nice to others and appreciate life. I said a prayer for her and her family. It is a terrible thing. I hope they get well very soon. Always pray for people and never wish any bad. Be the better person. I know I am . Is she? Has she changed? Probably not. There is a saying a leopard never changes its spots. It could be true. I wish her well. I will pray for her. Now onto the next life lesson.


I see a lot of posts recognizing people. I am always happy to see praise and good deeds being done. I love giving back and making people smile. Once in awhile it is nice to be recognized to see your name for doing something good or just getting praise. I like to help my friends. Recently, I did and not that I expect anything in return it just would have been nice to be recognized. I am not asking for a medal or a monument. A simple note of recognition or thanks will do just fine. Someone told me on my post that I made their day. I was so happy to see that. I want to make your day and I want to make a difference. If someone does something nice be sure to let then know how much you appreciate them. Whether you are listening to their problems or giving them a ride home. People like to feel special. They like to feel noticed. Especially now during these crazy times it is nice to see people doing nice things. Thank you to someone we will call M for their nice comments today. YOU made my year! Now onto the next life lesson.

Freedom of Speech

Last I checked freedom of speech is for ALL Americans. It is in the Constitution. It always has been and always will be. I can honestly say that for the past few years people have gone quite mad. One side can say what is on their mind and other side cannot? How is that fair? This is NOT my America. Someone needs to listen and re read what our founding fathers wrote. I will give you an example. I NEVER ever get political on social media. I paid tribute to someone and one “friend” blasted me for it. I did NOTHING wrong. When this person writes things I disagree with I do not blast them. I mind my own business even though I have a right to . I still have some class and stay silent. I understand they might not agree but for love of GOD just have some class. The person is dead and let them rest in peace. I told them that we may not agree but that is okay. I was trying to be nice. I did not want those comments on my page. I did not sign up for this. People need to respect other people’s beliefs. I should have not been treated like that. How would you feel? What would you do? I left it up and I am not taking it down. You can say what you want but I can’t . NO, I do not think so. We need to take America back! Are you willing to fight? Are you a Patriot or a Traitor? Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Class Notes

Yesterday I received my alma mater magazine. I read through it and at the end was a little blurb and picture about my latest novel. I took a photo of it and put in on my social media page. An old friend was looking to buy it. I was so honored. I worked so hard on it. I hope people enjoy it. In case you are not aware it is called The Kings and Queens of Aberdale High. I have one review and it is spectacular. I am honored to read it every time I do. It is nice to know that someone believes in you. I have been writing stories all of my life. I am very proud of myself. Why not I should be. What are your dreams and talents? What do you want to do that you have not done yet? What are your plans? Have you discovered that yet? Have you achieved your goals? Let me know. I want to hear from you my readers. I hope you do follow your dreams. You never know what you could be. There are no limits. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you have a soulmate? Did you marry your soulmate? Are you madly in love? Do you spend time together. Do you love you each other? Of course you do. I hope you found love. I hope you found someone that cares for you deeply. I hope you found your best friend. So many people find themselves regretting life later on and the choices they made. Sometimes we get second chances. Sometimes the first go around is not so easy and the second chance is what you take. Sometimes you only read about the great romances and sometimes you are lucky to live it. Love is a beautiful feeling. If you are with your soulmate than you are very lucky. I hope you are and you did. Do we have more than one soul mate? Maybe we do or maybe we don’t. It is all up to fate and destiny.

If you were lucky enough to fund your soulmate than you are the most fortunate person in the world. Keep your love alive. Now onto the next life lesson.

Mental Health

If you need to talk to someone you should. It is so important to find someone you trust to talk to. Mental Health should be taken very seriously. Our minds are very important. If you do not get help you can harm others and even yourself. If you are depressed please get help. If you know anyone that needs it please help them get help. These are crazy times and each and every one of us needs to heal from something. There are many organizations that can help you get help. The first step is realizing you need help. Once you realize that you should start your path to healing. There are so many people out there who do not get help and it gets worse. I pray for those that don’t and those that do. It is a long process but you will heal if you give yourself time and help. Pray for those that need it Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Sometimes it is something so small that causes us to stress out. What things stress you out? Why do we get so stressed? We get so stressed because we want to do our job right and feel proud. Anyone or anything can stress you out. A perfect example is I reloaded a gift card and when you reload you get $10. I did it and no money. I had to jump though hoops and get very stressed out. This was all not necessary. This all could have been avoided if it was fixed the first time around. It is not the money it is the principle. We all have our moments. You should NEVER make your customers or treat your customers the way I was treated. After all you are there because of ALL of us. Do your job and create a positive environment and everyone is happy. I was not asking for anything crazy I was asking YOU to do what you said you would do honor your word!! I was treated horribly today. I told them I would share my story. Everything that happened to me since Saturday is how not to treat a customer. NO one should ever have to go through that. Treat your customers the way you would treat your mother and grandmother. Take care of them and find solutions do not add more problems. Listen to the people after all we bring you the business. Now onto the next life lesson.

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