Have you ever been in love? Have you fallen in love? Are you in love? I am sure if you are happily married you answered yes to those questions. If you are single and looking then eventually you will find it. Are you old fashion about it? Or will you meet someone online? I always thought meeting someone by chance was so much more fun. You see each other across a crowded room your eyes meet and then you smile and the rest is filled with endless dates and laughs and eventually falling in love. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Do you remember falling in love? Do you remember thinking oh I hope he or she calls? It seems like a lifetime ago doesn’t it? Or maybe you are going through that now. Maybe you are wondering if he or she is the one? You already know you just have to figure it out. Falling in love is one of the most memorable feelings in the world There are books about it. movies about it, stories about it. It goes as far back as Shakespeare. Yes, that far back. Either way you get the point. Maybe by now you realize you are with the ONE and maybe you will pop the question or move into together first. Whatever you do you will do it with your whole heart you will get married, start a career, start a family. Then you will look back on your story and remember the day you fell in love and smile and know you made the right decision. After all you fell in love and you found your soulmate and now your love story continues. I would love to hear it. Please let me know how you met. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next love story. (life lesson.)