There is no doubt the world is changing. I think it needs saving. I think many have forgotten their faith, their love for each other and their values. What is happening is NOT good. I am sad and scared. I pray every day that things will get better. I believe they will but it is going to take a while. I know that I have faith and love, and values . Who else is out there that has all of these things? I am tired of the negativity and I am tired of hearing about how bad the police are. They are NOT bad. There are bad apples in every bunch. You will always have a few but you should not let those few ruin it. What about all the good they do? We are so divided. I would not want to raise a child in this crazy world I am glad my kids are older. I still feel sorry for the youth today. Where is the accountability for this behavior? Where are the parents of these kids committing crimes? Someone once said people come together during a tragedy. the Oscars, and the Super bowl. Both have become a stomping ground to spread hate. All these people are doing is spreading hate. How is that working out? This is what we want our kids to learn? NOT my kids NO way! Where is the joy and the happiness? Where is the positive energy? Was is all stolen in some states? Please give back the love, the joy, the common sense and common ground for all of us. I am grateful I live in a state with a FANTASTIC Governor and I live around good people. I can just turn off my TV and go about my life. Can you do that? We need people to come together and have peace and joy. We need to NOT let the government decide how we live. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said, “Government giveth government take away with. It can give it you just as easily as it can take it away. People need to work and take care of their families, be kind to each other. I see it and if you start spreading kindness and doing the right thing people will join in and hopefully we can go back to the good old USA I know and love. Now onto the next life lesson.