When you accomplish something big it feels really good. You worked hard and you earned it. It is something that you have been wanting a long time and it feels good that you did it. You earned that award or raise. You know what it took and you would do it again. Sometimes we do not get the award or the pay raise but we learn from it and we do better next time. We learn how to compete better, Not everyone is going to get the trophy and not everyone should . You need to accept loss and move on. Think about how to do better and practice and focus. However, when you do make it and you do work hard it feels good all over. What have you achieved this year? What goals are you setting? What are you involved with? How are you focusing? I bet you have it all figured out. You are planning your next move like chess. Taking time your time and building a strategy. Then when you do it you know you did it well. Good luck to all who are earning their way. Now onto the next life lesson.