Month: May 2021

Setting new Goals

Do you feel like you need a change in your life? Do you feel like you need to surround yourself with people that promote you? Do the people around you make you feel good about yourself and not ashamed? if yes than you are headed in the right direction. Sometimes we get caught up in other people’s perception of us. We need to remember what we think about ourselves is important and how we see ourselves. People can be resentful and jealous or just plain mean. If you take care of yourself and think positive than you are in your right place. If you exercise and eat healthy you will see progress and be more confident. I feel pretty good now. Good things are happening and life is good. I am exercising, eating right and taking care of myself and just enjoying life. I am choosing to surround myself with people that believe in me and I know it my heart I am headed in the right direction. Are you feeling good about yourself? Are you taking steps to take better care of you? Are you practicing self care? I want to hear from you. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Stress, worries, and other tales of life

What do you stress most about? Paying your bills. your job. your weight? What is the most stressful part about your every day life? Maybe you need to change your diet and maybe you need to change your whole life style. People do it every day and seem happy. Are they happy? They say they are but who really knows. I think they are. I would like to be positive. We all have different ways of stressing out. Some times we lash out at others or we binge eat or we cry or maybe we just get upset and do not talk to anyone. What can we do to manage our time better so we have less stress? Maybe we could get a better routine, be more organized, or eat better and exercise. All good ways to get rid of stress, At times stress can lead to more serious things like depression and hurting ourselves. We pray it does not come to that. You can talk to someone a friend or a professional it is important to express your feelings and get the weight off of your shoulders. Take a moment and think about what makes you happy and think about all the people that love you if you do that life will be less stressed. I am not saying its perfect but if we learn to think positive and surround ourselves with positive people than we are off to a good start. What are ways you calm down and remain stress free? I would love to hear it. I pray you are all healthy and safe. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Do overs

Do you ever wish that you could do a do over? Do you wish that life had a rewind button, pause or fast forward? I bet there are a lot of you that would. I know I would. Unfortunately, life does not work like that. We need to get through the best way that we can. When would you like that do over? At which point in your life would you want that? I think There are so many times I would but I know I cannot change the past but I can learn from my mistakes for the future. Have you learned from past mistakes? Do you still wish for that do over? I think we could all use one do over in life. If we were allowed one do over you would have to make it a good do over. Now remember if you do it again it could have an impact on your future. If you change the past it could change your future. They say be careful what you wish for. I believe everything happens for a reason. If something is meant to be it is meant to be. If you leave it alone that let it go. Life is good keep going and do not look back it is not worth it you have so many other good things coming your way. Now onto the next life lesson.

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