What do you stress most about? Paying your bills. your job. your weight? What is the most stressful part about your every day life? Maybe you need to change your diet and maybe you need to change your whole life style. People do it every day and seem happy. Are they happy? They say they are but who really knows. I think they are. I would like to be positive. We all have different ways of stressing out. Some times we lash out at others or we binge eat or we cry or maybe we just get upset and do not talk to anyone. What can we do to manage our time better so we have less stress? Maybe we could get a better routine, be more organized, or eat better and exercise. All good ways to get rid of stress, At times stress can lead to more serious things like depression and hurting ourselves. We pray it does not come to that. You can talk to someone a friend or a professional it is important to express your feelings and get the weight off of your shoulders. Take a moment and think about what makes you happy and think about all the people that love you if you do that life will be less stressed. I am not saying its perfect but if we learn to think positive and surround ourselves with positive people than we are off to a good start. What are ways you calm down and remain stress free? I would love to hear it. I pray you are all healthy and safe. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.