Month: June 2021

When you say I’m sorry

When you apologize you had better mean it. They are not just words. You had better not keep doing the same thing over and over. Your behavior must change. You must think before you act. Some people will never change they will keep up the same behavior. They will put you down and make you feel you are nothing. When you try and explain things and they do not listen it is because they are afraid of the truth. They only no one thing and that is to be a BULLY and a verbal abuser. A show of hands who wants to be around that? The words I am sorry are not just words they are feeling knowing that you did wrong and you will not repeat your behavior if you keep on doing it you were never sorry and things will not change. When you get so sad that all you want to do is cry than being around that person is not healthy. The behavior is not healthy. They need to get healthy. It is sad and NO ONE deserves treatment like that. If someone is treating you like that it is time to change your life. Will they ever change? I doubt it. It is up to you. Be brave and make a change. Now onto the next life lesson.

To the men and women in blue we honor you!

Yes, I am thanking all of them. They risk their lives every day and help the communities they live in. They are the ones that are on the front lines each day. It is time to STOP the nonsense going on and appreciate life and what we have. Our families, our friends, our neighbors, and our community. We may not all agree but we are brothers and sisters under the same GOD. God wants us to get a long and learn from each other. We need to be adults and act like responsible citizens. Take care of each other stop the hate and teach our kids the correct history. Yes, bad things happened but we learn from our mistakes and if we do not we will continue to make them. Does that sound fair? NO, it does not. We have a beautiful country and we need to take care of it and respect one another regardless of our race, religion. or sexual orientation. It is up to us to teach our kids right from wrong. Stop this hate and nonsense. Get your heads out of your BUTTS. Please respect this men and women in blue. This blog is dedicated to all the men and women who lost their lives . Thank you to every single person who puts their life on the line. Now onto the next life lesson.

Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day. We celebrated together as a family. It is still a tough day because I always used to spend it with my Dad and our family. We would go out to a nice dinner and sit and talk. It was relaxing and fun. This time I really felt his presence this year. I miss him very much. I cannot believe it has been two years. Never take your parents for granted cherish every moment you have. Love them hug them and spend time with them. They will not be around forever. How do you celebrate the day? Do you have traditions? Do you have family you celebrate with? Whatever it is I hope it makes you happy. Do not dwell on the past think about the good times. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day in heaven Dad. I hope you they have an Alfredo’s up there. Now onto the next life lesson.

Time Together

Do you set aside time to spend with the ones you love? Are you to busy to sit and talk? Are you always on the go? Maybe it is time to slow down. If you feel you are always rushed and you are stressed than perhaps it is time to take five. Take some time for you. Try and balance your time between work, and family. You only get one life so make it count. Do not be one of those people that is to busy for fun. Before you know it you will regret it and then your time is limited. Try to forgive and forget and make peace with yourself. If you let everything bother you than you will be miserable. If you keep it inside then one day you will explode. You need an out something to make you happy. Take time to smell the roses. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it.” Ferris Bueller. He said that and he is right. One of the greatest movies of all time. I have to say and something to be said about what he said. Take a moment take a deep breath and sit and listen. What do you hear? If it is nothing than you are at peace. If you let other noises in than you need to take more time to relax. Stay calm and stay well. Find your peace. Now onto the next life lesson.


Have you been holding a grudge? How long have you been angry? Has it solved anything? Sometimes we chose to straighten things out and other times we choose to hold onto that anger. What do you do? We are all different in how we handle certain things. At time we may wonder what have I done or what has the other person done that is so horrible you cannot forgive them? Others act like nothing happened they go about their daily life and never stop to think about what they could do to straighten it out. There are rare cases where people do things on purpose and nearly ruins others. I feel that is unacceptable. The ones that made a mistake or things were misunderstood are worth another chance. It is up to you. If you can hold a grudge for years and years than that is on you. It is your choice. After that person is gone you may have some regrets or you may be a cold selfish person and not care. I guess it depends on the individual. Some people are proud to be mean. Why is that? Especially girls why are they proud to be mean? Why are they proud to be the B word? What does that do? I guess if you see yourself as a negative individual than others will as well. You probably do not have a lot of friends and you probably do not care. Or maybe you do and you are just very good at hiding it. Your life is your choice. You make decisions and you choose how to act. In the end I promise you it will eat you up. You will crumble and you will regret it. You may never admit it but you will. We all are human we all have our moments. The more you act like you do not care the more you really do. It takes a lot of energy to do that. Life is short so make the moments count. You can choose to be happy and kind or you can choose to be a B and miserable. Let me know which is more enjoyable. Some people never forgive and that is on them. Others move on and think they have forgotten but it still lingers in their mind., Others wonder why can’t we just work things out? Why because others do not forgive. You can hold a grudge but last I checked there are no longest held grudges in the book of world records. Try and be the better person and reach out and if they never respond you are the person who took the high road. You are at peace. Peace is very hard to come by but that black cloud and that heavy burden only get heavier and heavier. Meanwhile you are at peace. Calm and quiet and living your life with your family and your circle of friends. Now onto the next life lesson.

Have you done your part?

Have you done your part? Have you done something to make a difference? Have you ever pay it forward? What have you done to make someone feel good? Did you write the one you love a poem? Did you say I love you? Did you pick a flower for them? Did you make a wrong right? Did you hold the door open for someone? No matter what you did big or small you made a difference. Maybe you made someone smile. Or maybe you cheered up a friend. Maybe you just smiled at someone. If you did any of those things you did a great thing. Sometimes life throws curve balls and that is okay just keep swinging and do not take your eyes off the ball. Do your best and make a difference. Life is short and you never know. Now onto the next life lesson.

Your Path

What is your path? Where do you want to go? I was listening to a graduation speech and the person said something that made so much sense if your path does not have obstacles it is probably the wrong path. It is true we all need to learn from things in order to be better and brighter. As we grow and learn in life we hopefully do not make the same mistakes. We move on and we hope that the future holds many dreams. We want all of our dreams to come true. We believe in ourselves. The people that love us believe in us. We start at the bottom and work our way up we climb the ladder and when we get to the top we look around and take it all in and we say I did one day at at time, one goal at a time, and one mistake and achievement at a time. We all want to be successful. Success has many different faces. There is no one picture of success. Every one has the opportunity to be successful. In these trying times it teaches us to become more brave, more determined, and more vigilant. We must always stand up and find the right path. Are you on the right path? Do you feel positive? Do you feel good about yourself and the path you have chosen? Go ahead take a chance take that journey. You will fail but you will succeed. You will fall but you will get up. Stay focused and take a chance on life. It is your life you only get one make the most of it. Now onto the next life lesson.

Best Friend

Do you have a best friend? Do you have someone that you have known for a long time that is your best friend? Most of us have a best friend. Some of you have known each other a long time and others not so long. Do you trust this person? Do you care about this person? Of course you do that is why you are best friends. Usually your best friend is your best friend because you trust them, they understand you and you understand them. You feel comfortable and safe with this person. They are your person your one true friend that you can tell anything to. What if one day that all changed and you were no longer best friends? What would you do? What if you had a falling out and that was it. You no longer had a best friend. Of course life goes on and you have other friends but this person was supposedly your best friend. You are in shock and you are hurt. You begin to think were they ever really my best friend if they can just stop talking to me at a snap of a finger? What does friendship mean to you? Would you call or text them to talk about it? Who left them in charge of the friendship? Aren’t you both equally invested and share the same friendship? I guess you live your life without that person by your side. For the rest of your life you no longer have that person by your side. You feel a certain emptiness it is true you do. You had this one person in your life for so long and now they are gone just like that. Would you write them a letter? What would you do? I wasn’t going to write about this but I am a writer and it is something to write about. No matter what you both said or did is it worth ending the friendship? (And for example over a text which words and sentences do not always make sense?) I guess it depends on the person. Maybe one day you will talk again or maybe you will not. Who is it up to? Hmm I thought the friendship was equal and both of you shared the friendship. I do not know your situation but sometimes even family do not talk for years over stupid stuff and then the person gets very sick and they die and you never have the chance. We only get one life and one really true friend maybe two if you are lucky. Maybe you just gather your memories and store them in the back of your head. Now onto the next life lesson.

Time Flies

Have you heard people say that time flies when you are having fun or life is short. Hold onto the memories. Make every moment count? I bet you have heard them all and then some. When I was in my late twenties I got married. When I was in my early thirties I had my first child. I now have a high school graduate. She went from playing with blocks and coloring to becoming a fine young lady. Of course we had our challengers with learning and socialization it all comes with being a parent. I knew it my heart that everything would be okay. I am so proud of her. She is kind, sweet, smart, and very dedicated in whatever she puts her mind too. She has always put in 150% I could not ask for better. She knows her capabilities and she knows that this is just the beginning. The world is right in front of her. She has her goals, her dreams, her way of life. I am so proud of this young lady! I try and give her advice about life and I tell her not everyone is nice,. save other paycheck and always make sure your bills are paid. I know there will be tears when I see her on that stage. I will picture her as a little girl and remember she made me Mom. The best job in the world and the hardest. Congratulations my sweet girl! We love you! Dream BIG! Now onto the next life lesson.

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