Have you been holding a grudge? How long have you been angry? Has it solved anything? Sometimes we chose to straighten things out and other times we choose to hold onto that anger. What do you do? We are all different in how we handle certain things. At time we may wonder what have I done or what has the other person done that is so horrible you cannot forgive them? Others act like nothing happened they go about their daily life and never stop to think about what they could do to straighten it out. There are rare cases where people do things on purpose and nearly ruins others. I feel that is unacceptable. The ones that made a mistake or things were misunderstood are worth another chance. It is up to you. If you can hold a grudge for years and years than that is on you. It is your choice. After that person is gone you may have some regrets or you may be a cold selfish person and not care. I guess it depends on the individual. Some people are proud to be mean. Why is that? Especially girls why are they proud to be mean? Why are they proud to be the B word? What does that do? I guess if you see yourself as a negative individual than others will as well. You probably do not have a lot of friends and you probably do not care. Or maybe you do and you are just very good at hiding it. Your life is your choice. You make decisions and you choose how to act. In the end I promise you it will eat you up. You will crumble and you will regret it. You may never admit it but you will. We all are human we all have our moments. The more you act like you do not care the more you really do. It takes a lot of energy to do that. Life is short so make the moments count. You can choose to be happy and kind or you can choose to be a B and miserable. Let me know which is more enjoyable. Some people never forgive and that is on them. Others move on and think they have forgotten but it still lingers in their mind., Others wonder why can’t we just work things out? Why because others do not forgive. You can hold a grudge but last I checked there are no longest held grudges in the book of world records. Try and be the better person and reach out and if they never respond you are the person who took the high road. You are at peace. Peace is very hard to come by but that black cloud and that heavy burden only get heavier and heavier. Meanwhile you are at peace. Calm and quiet and living your life with your family and your circle of friends. Now onto the next life lesson.