Month: August 2021

America, What is happening?

What is happening to this country? How did it become such a mess? Today I saw the coffins being carried out of the plane from Afghanistan and I just cried. The ones that sacrificed the most are being brought home in coffins when they should be in the arms of loves ones. They were sons, daughters, husbands. wives. uncles and aunts. I pray every day for our nation. I pray that we find solutions and soon. This country needs god more than ever. We all need to get on our hands and knees and pray this nation recovers from this mess. If we all pray we will get answers. We will get though this. We are strong and we will come together and come out on top we always do. We need God and faith to do this.

I believe that everything will be okay and we will come out of this mess. There are way to many things to be upset about but we choose how can be. We can be happy and proud to be Americans. I am proud and so should you be. I want to hear from you and see what you think about everything. Now onto the next life lesson.

Finding Peace

Are you at peace with yourself? Can you put you head on the pillow at night and be at peace? Are we ever really at peace? What makes you more calm? What can you eliminate in your life that can make you less stressed? A different job. a new relationship, or just something simple like taking a walk. A walk can really clear your mind. You get exercise and you are outside . There are so many people out there who are suffering from stress and anxiety searching for answers. Maybe you need to change your diet or the way that you live. Maybe you need to read more books and spend less time watching TV or on your phone. I can tell you I have taken some steps into finding peace. I am no longer on social media, I pray more, I spend more time reading books. I feel pretty good. Everyone needs an out something that they can do that they enjoy. What do you enjoy ? What can you do to change your life and make it better? I hope you find your peace. Now onto the next life lesson.

Forgive or Forget?

Do you forgive easily? Do you hold a grudge or just forget? Do you continue to punish someone for a mistake they made? Do you preach forgiveness? Do you practice what you preach? What if you are one of those people that just does not care. What if you had a big argument with someone and you knew the person most of your life and to this day you are still not speaking. What would you do? Would you reach out? Even though you know they really do not care. You are both living your lives like you always have but the one person you thought you could count on never spoke to you again. How would you feel? Especially since you reached out and never heard back. What kind of person is that? Were they ever really your friend? Are they that heartless and cold? The answer is they just want to be mean and not care. They do not forgive or forget. What was this person to you? Were they family? Were you close? Were you the best of friends? All of the above?

Here is my personal observation: The person will never talk to you again or forgive you. Why do you ask? They just do not care enough to do anything about it. They are more proud of being mean than being a real friend. They are more proud of showing their grudge streak than anything else. They will think of more ways to be the biggest B than anything else. This is where their energy goes to. Why would anyone want to be friends with someone like that? Would you? People make mistakes all the time. People take things out of context all the time. Mature adults work things out and move on. The way to talk to someone is in person NOT through email or texting. If you cannot do it in person than do it over the phone. NEVER through texting. There are so many things you wish you could say but you realize is it worth it? Is it really worth it? I believe in God and prayer. I believe that things happen for a reason. If someone cannot forgive or work things out in a mature way than they were never your real friend to begin with. If they made you feel uncomfortable and upset and brought negative energy than they are not your friend.

A real friend is someone who listens. cares. NEVER judges you and you can ALWAYS talk things out. A person who just concentrates on not caring or not making any effort is NOT worth it. Why is it that they get to make that call? Why is that they should just forgive you why not forgive them? Maybe you realized a few things about that person that was once in your life. You should surround yourself with people that care about YOU, that accept you for you. If that circle is very small than good for you. The smaller the better. YOU do NOT need anyone being your BULLY or your criticizer. You deserve a friend that treats you right. Good people are out there. Maybe they just do not know how they really are or maybe they do and just don’t care. Either way. please live your life and be happy. Now onto the next life lesson.

Good People

Are you a good person? Are you honest? Do you know good people? Of course you do because good people know good people. The same goes for bad people. They are definitely connected and not in a good way. I believe good people have good values, they believe in God, and they are honest and fair. What do you think? Do you agree? People are going to behave the way they do because of how they were raised. I compliment all of the mothers out there that have raised their kids well. I commend fathers to however, most of the time it is the mom that raises the kids. How were you raised? What are your beliefs? How do you feel about certain things? Do you feel it is important to be honest? Would you lie rather than face the truth? NO matter what you should always tell the truth. You feel so much better and you will walk around knowing you do the right thing. You could sleep at night and live your life. How many good people do you know? I also find that good people tend to find better jobs and better themselves. Remember that wonderful teacher oh she moved on. She went to a better school for more money or remember that doctor he retired or moved to a different practice? Good people want to avoid drama and conflict they want to have goodness in their lives just like any other good person. Are you a good person? Do you know good people? I think somewhere deep inside anyone there is some good they just lost it a long the way. My advice to you stay away from the drama. and the confrontations and any other negativity. Please stay away from negative people or people that bring you down. We have all had those types where we finally see the light and they are out of our lives. How do you feel ? Do you feel good today? Are you a good person? Did you help someone today? Did you pay it forward? Now onto the next life lesson.

Second chance

Have you ever wished for a second chance? Have you ever said I just wish I could have one more chance? Of course you have. No what the circumstances were we all wish for a second chance. A do over would be nice too. I guess that is the same thing. Either way, we always wish we could take back our words or wished we said something else or wished we knew what was wrong so we can fix it. If I stood in front of an audience and said, Who would like a second chance I bet every hand would be raised. I bet we all wish we could have a second chance at a job interview or a second chance to explain to a friend. We all wish we could but it is not always in the cards. We can wish as hard as we can it does not mean it will come true. Sometimes if we pray things get better. Sometimes we get second chances that we may not realize at the time but it is a second chance.

I would love so many second chances. I wish I could pick as many as I want but life does not work like that. They say if you want something bad enough you can make it happen. What do you want? What do you hope to accomplish? I hope that whatever you hope to accomplish it that you do it. I hope that you set your mind to something and it gets done. I pray for everyone. I pray that you find your peace. Now onto the next life lesson.

Mothers and Daughters

I miss my mom everyday. I miss her voice, the way she carried herself and they way she loved us. My family was far from perfect but it was the little things that made my mom’s time on earth very special. I think about her and sometimes I feel like when I see something that reminds me of her she is reaching out. Maybe a dress or someone that looks like her may have me think of her.

Now I have my own daughters and my own family. I realize how important life is and no matter what I will always be there for them. God and family are so important. The more faith you have the more God is present. I was never religious growing up but I have always talked to God. I know he got me threw tough times even now.

Mothers and Daughters have an incredible bond. It is something that you cannot explain in a blog or even in a sentence. You just know that is there. As you get older you learn to appreciate your Mom and when she is no longer there you miss her even more. No matter what she is always with you in your heart, your memories, and even your dreams. Close your eyes open your heart she is there. The things she taught you may not realize it but they will come in handy when you have your own family.

Mothers, Daughters, sisters, fathers, brothers, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents they are family and family is everything. Some people are just very close friends, you consider family. A family is a group of people who love you they do not have to be related they are just there for you no matter what. Remember the good times and talk to God. After all it is all about family.

Now onto the next life lesson.

Social Media

Recently I made the decision to leave ALL social media. I still have my blog because I control it. I make the decisions. I choose what to say and how to say it. What about you? Are you going to follow my lead? Have you ever thought about leaving social media? If you do than good for you!! I am not saying you should I am just saying that it was my choice. I may be in the minority but I do not care. I feel it is way to TOXIC and I will not let someone or a company dictate what I say. I keep it simple Good Morning everyone have a blessed day was about the extent of it and of course the occasional picture of my fur baby. It should not be about controlling what you say. What is the point? I only joined because a friend wanted me to. I wish I never had. You get so caught up in stupid stuff. I know better I guess better late than never. I pat myself on the back and I should because I am in charge of my life NOT social media. What about YOU who is in charge of your life? Who do you choose to talk to and be friends with? Do you let others influence you? I hope not. Do what YOU want. Freedom is wonderful! Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you believe in freedom? Do you believe in free speech? How can the government tell us how to live? Remember what Thomas Jefferson said “Government giveth government take away with”. Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death” We need God , liberty, and our freedom. Let me know what you think. How o you feel about all this craziness? I love my country and I want my freedom and my liberties. God bless America 🇺🇸❤️. Now onto the next life lesson.

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