I miss my mom everyday. I miss her voice, the way she carried herself and they way she loved us. My family was far from perfect but it was the little things that made my mom’s time on earth very special. I think about her and sometimes I feel like when I see something that reminds me of her she is reaching out. Maybe a dress or someone that looks like her may have me think of her.

Now I have my own daughters and my own family. I realize how important life is and no matter what I will always be there for them. God and family are so important. The more faith you have the more God is present. I was never religious growing up but I have always talked to God. I know he got me threw tough times even now.

Mothers and Daughters have an incredible bond. It is something that you cannot explain in a blog or even in a sentence. You just know that is there. As you get older you learn to appreciate your Mom and when she is no longer there you miss her even more. No matter what she is always with you in your heart, your memories, and even your dreams. Close your eyes open your heart she is there. The things she taught you may not realize it but they will come in handy when you have your own family.

Mothers, Daughters, sisters, fathers, brothers, Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents they are family and family is everything. Some people are just very close friends, you consider family. A family is a group of people who love you they do not have to be related they are just there for you no matter what. Remember the good times and talk to God. After all it is all about family.

Now onto the next life lesson.