Month: September 2021

Your Conscious

Do you ever feel like you mind is telling you to do something? Do you fear you did something so terrible you could not take it back? Once something is done it is done you cannot take it back. You can learn from your mistakes. You can also heal. Once you have learned then you can heal. What if your conscious made you realize something you never knew before? What if it made you realize that someone was not who you thought they were. Maybe your situation happened for a reason. I believe everything happens for a reason. All those years you put into that relationship and then that person was no longer a part of your life. You realized so many things that you were blinded by. How would that make you feel? What if you realized that you were just their side kick? Your friendship was not as true as you thought. You would feel pretty rotten and maybe relieved. You are strong and you will get through it. You have plenty of people in your life that treat you with respect and love. This is ONE person that at times made you feel insecure, unbalanced, and scared. You were really afraid of them all this time. They made you feel bad about yourself. They questioned everything and had a comment for everything. One day just like a magic trick they were out of your life. How would you feel? Unfortunately, we don’t always see what we really see at the time. The lesson learned is make better choices and be who you want to be. Do not let anyone tell you how to act or live. Your life is yours and no one should take that away. I pray for peace each day. I think I have peace now. Do you have peace? I think this other person is angry and unhealthy. I think no one can have it better than them. They are jealous and angry. I do not think that is any way to live but again life is choices. I know now I have peace. I have a better life now. I believe in forgiveness and not anger. I believe in moving on and letting go. Now onto the next life lesson.

A Mother’s Love

There is no stronger bond that a mother and a child. The love you share is forever. It is something that you do not understand unless you are a mom. Mom’s worry and take care of you all the time. When you are sick or sad or had a bad day or just need some motherly love. You think about all kinds of scenarios. When you are about to become a parent for the first time you have millions of questions. Do not worry you will always have an answer because that life depends on you. YOU are the life line. You are the one that little person depends on. The second you hold that bundle of joy you will know exactly what to do. Your motherly instincts kick in and you just go from there. Your life has changed dramatically. You will be taking care of another human for the next eighteen years or so. You will stumble but you will pick yourself up and be that Mom you meant to be. There will be all kinds of curve balls along the way. You got this Mom you do. Do not forget that. When he or she turns eighteen I hope they turn around and say thank you Mom for raising me right. Being a mom does not come with a book of what to do’s that is on you. Enjoy motherhood and be proud of the strong woman you are today. Congratulations you did it. Now onto the next life lesson.

Planner vs Go with the flow

Are you a planner? Do you plan every single part of your day? Do you follow a schedule? Do you find that makes you day more productive? Or do you just go with the flow? What do you do all day? Do you just do things in any order? How does that work for you? I could not do that I need to have a plan and a routine. I need to know how my day will be productive, I can not just do something that is not really planned. Most people work during the day some from home and some out it an office. How do you plan each day? Do you have a calendar? Do you write everything down? Or do you just decide what to do on the spur of the moment? Maybe if you are a kid you can get away with that. As an adult I do not think that is wise. We all live differently and we cannot live like others and others can not live like us. We all have our challenges but each day is a new day and a blessing. Make it count and at the same time be productive and be the best YOU that you can be.. Do not forget to smell the roses take some ME time. It is important to manage your time and also have fun. Always handle your priorities first and then reward yourself. Self care is very important if we do not take time for ourselves than we will be very unhappy. I hope that all of you take time for yourself each day. Now onto the next life lesson.


When you are a writer you take parts of your life and blend in with others. When you think about your characters they are based on people you know. This is what a writer does. A writer sees an opportunity and makes it into his or her literary work and a story is born. It does not happen just like that. This is where the ideas form and the characters come to life it could be about you or someone you know. We will change the names and switch a few things but this is how we think. There are so many ideas around and become part of the idea which leads to the story. What would you write about? What genres are your favorites? Are you a crime buff? Are you a romantic? Do you like fiction or non fiction and what about history? The best part about a story is that you can be anyone you want and go anywhere you want in your mind. A perfect vacation without having to pack or fly. Where would you go? I love a good book curled up under the covers with my favorite soft drink. I can see the words come off the page and enter my brain. I can feel myself standing next to the hero or the villain. It is an honor to be a part of the story. Do you like to be a part of the story? I want to hear from you. I want to hear what you like to read. Why you like to read it. I love a great crime thriller and some romance. I enjoy fiction and an occasional auto biography about someone’s life. I want to learn about people and their lives. As always thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

The People you meet in your life

Ever wonder why you meet certain people at a certain time of your life? Is it a good thing? Are they a good influence? Are they really your friend? Do you trust them? Have they ever given you a reason not to trust them? If you have found a one true friend that has always had your back then you are one lucky person. How many true friends do you have? Have you ever met anyone that you misjudged? Guess what it happens to all of us. We all come across the users, the doubters, the narcist and the fair weather ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. When you get hurt by one you realize all the things that is wrong about them. They thrive on being mean, they are selfish, they do not really care about you and they never want you to have it better than them. Yes, there are people like that. I believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason and how long they stay is for that time of your life. You move on and you meet the next one and the one after that is like an friendship elevator you never know who is behind the door and some make you feel up and some let you down. NO matter what go with your gut and do not let anyone bring you down. Always go with your gut. Be yourself and if the users, the jealous ones, or the ones that thrive on being bitches when they are not worth it. You do not need a million followers or even let social media dictate your life. Take charge of it and be selective of who you invite into it. If you can disagree or mess up and are forgiven then you have won the lottery, Be a friend NOT a BULLY or a phony or a mean girl. Find that someone and hold onto them. Everything does happen for a reason. Remember take charge and be careful who you invite. Now onto the next life lesson.


How does it feel to be 50? Honestly, I do not feel any different. Today is my birthday and I feel great! I am healthy and it just feels like a regular day! It does not seem like it is my birthday. This is as far as my social media goes. I just have my blog where I talk about every day stuff. How it feels to be stressed or happy or excited or just plain Mom stuff. The ever mindful mom is just a Mom who likes to write and blog. 50 is good! God is good I have a few close friends and the people around me are the people who care. I am happy and that is what truly matters. Whatever age you are make the most of your life and do your best and be kind. Avoid stupid and negative people and anyone that thrives on being mean please avoid them There are so many people out there who are selfish! There are also good people stick to the good people. Please avoid all toxicity and you will do yourself a GREAT BIG FAVOR! Clean out the junk out with the old in with the new. If anyone gets mad at you for a stupid reason and stops being your friend than they were never your friend to begin with. GOOD people work things out and accept all of you. Remember that. Always thank GOD and be grateful. Now onto the next life lesson.

Blessings in Disguise

We may not realize it at the time but sometimes situations are a blessing in disguise. Things happen that hurt us emotionally but in the end they turn out just fine. Friends come and go., jobs may come and go but one thing is for sure everything happens for a reason. We have all had situations like this that have happened in our lifetime. The world right now is not in a good place. I feel we need to pray more and ask God for help. Things will get better we are a strong nation and we need faith and strength. Do you have what it takes to make the world a better place? Will you pray to God? God is always here and he does things for a reason. Things are happening for a reason. Some are blessings and some are lessons. What do you think? Are you listening? Are you praying?

Always trust in God and believe in him. Prayer is so powerful. Believe and pray. You have so many things to be grateful for. You are lucky to have your friends and family that love you. Remember for every lesson there is a blessing and for every blessing there is a lesson.

Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Be Our Guest

Are you invited? Will you be our guest? Are you always going to parties? Or do you prefer a low key environment? If you were to have a party what would it be like? Would you have a theme or color scheme? Would you have it catered? Here is what I have always wanted: I would love a party with a huge white backyard tent. I would have several round tables and they would have silver on the bottom with a lavender top. There would be flowers or balloons on the tables. There would be a huge Italian spread. It would be catered and we would have servers and cocktails. Wine and champagne and a huge toast made by someone who knew me best. It would be at the time I was born. We would have a DJ or a band. A girl can dream right? Our dreams have not been taken. I know this would never happen but I would love it if it did. I would have to be surprised and not know about it. Do you think it could happen? I even made a guest list I really wish someone would do this for me or at least something similar. It would make me so happy. I have not said anything to anyone so how would they know. I do not even know who reads my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.

Good things and Bad things

Sometimes when things happen we get very upset . Especially when the people we thought we can count on hurt us the most. Whether it is professional or personal it still stings. People are funny. They do things that do not make sense or they do things just to fit in. For example I left social media it was my own choice. Out of everyone I know on there two people reached out to me. Now I do not expect a parade or a party in my honor but those two people made me feel good that they actually noticed that I am no longer saying my Good mornings. I am not there to start their day. It does not have to be a mob of people. Life is choices and what you do is YOUR choice. People should NEVER influence what you say or do. We should just dust ourselves off and keep marching on. Life goes on and they will go on their path and you go on yours. My mother used to say if everyone was jumping off a bridge would you ? Of course not I do not want to do what everyone else is doing. I want to do what I want to.

People I do not know sacrificed for my freedom and I will honor them by standing by my ground and what I believe. If you do not want to be my friend or work for me than that is fine with me. I am loyal and I am honest. I can put my head on my pillow and sleep at night. We all choose our paths and sometimes we run into obstacles, scrupulous people, and other bad things. I choose the good and I chose God. I choose prayer. I will try and not let anything ruin my happiness or comfort. Of course things happen and we get hurt but all in all the good out weigh the bad.

Sometimes things happen but I believe everything happens for a reason. Some we can explain and some we cannot. As they in life sometimes it is a blessing in disguise. Now onto the next life lesson.

In what order

How do you place in your life? Does the one you love put you first? Do you feel happy and loved? I hope that who ever you are involved with that they put you first. I hope that they put your needs before anyone else and vice versa. Isn’t that how life should be? I recently read an article someone that has been married a very long time. They told me something that I did not expect she said that her husband always puts her first. She said, that they often talk about their daily lives and they even make a date night once a week or sometimes twice. Their kids are older and have their own families. She said. they never lose sight of each other and they kiss each other goodnight and always say I love you. Doesn’t that sound ideal? Does your loved one put you first? Do you feel like you are included in all decisions like my person I mentioned or is it the exact opposite. Are you in a relationship where you feel unimportant and controlled? I have read about many types of relationships. Where do YOU come in? How do you feel every day. Do you get up and just go about your day? Does anyone smile at you or tell you that you look pretty? Do they put your first? Does the person you love put you above everyone else? Do you put the person you love above everyone else? Here is my take on all of this. I think if you love someone they should always come first you should both feel loved and accepted. You should do for each other every day. You should go on a date and talk and listen to each other. Hold the door open for each other, give each other flowers, or leave a rose or a note on your pillow. It is something so simple that you can do just to say hey, I love you and you are first in my life. Maybe if we did a little act of kindness each day the world would be a happier place. What do you think? I think kind gestures make people feel good. I think forgiveness feels good. I think real love and compassion feel good. Look inside you heart and cherish every moment you have with your family. Be the best YOU that you can be. Now onto the next life lesson.

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