There is no stronger bond that a mother and a child. The love you share is forever. It is something that you do not understand unless you are a mom. Mom’s worry and take care of you all the time. When you are sick or sad or had a bad day or just need some motherly love. You think about all kinds of scenarios. When you are about to become a parent for the first time you have millions of questions. Do not worry you will always have an answer because that life depends on you. YOU are the life line. You are the one that little person depends on. The second you hold that bundle of joy you will know exactly what to do. Your motherly instincts kick in and you just go from there. Your life has changed dramatically. You will be taking care of another human for the next eighteen years or so. You will stumble but you will pick yourself up and be that Mom you meant to be. There will be all kinds of curve balls along the way. You got this Mom you do. Do not forget that. When he or she turns eighteen I hope they turn around and say thank you Mom for raising me right. Being a mom does not come with a book of what to do’s that is on you. Enjoy motherhood and be proud of the strong woman you are today. Congratulations you did it. Now onto the next life lesson.