Are you invited? Will you be our guest? Are you always going to parties? Or do you prefer a low key environment? If you were to have a party what would it be like? Would you have a theme or color scheme? Would you have it catered? Here is what I have always wanted: I would love a party with a huge white backyard tent. I would have several round tables and they would have silver on the bottom with a lavender top. There would be flowers or balloons on the tables. There would be a huge Italian spread. It would be catered and we would have servers and cocktails. Wine and champagne and a huge toast made by someone who knew me best. It would be at the time I was born. We would have a DJ or a band. A girl can dream right? Our dreams have not been taken. I know this would never happen but I would love it if it did. I would have to be surprised and not know about it. Do you think it could happen? I even made a guest list I really wish someone would do this for me or at least something similar. It would make me so happy. I have not said anything to anyone so how would they know. I do not even know who reads my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.