How do you place in your life? Does the one you love put you first? Do you feel happy and loved? I hope that who ever you are involved with that they put you first. I hope that they put your needs before anyone else and vice versa. Isn’t that how life should be? I recently read an article someone that has been married a very long time. They told me something that I did not expect she said that her husband always puts her first. She said, that they often talk about their daily lives and they even make a date night once a week or sometimes twice. Their kids are older and have their own families. She said. they never lose sight of each other and they kiss each other goodnight and always say I love you. Doesn’t that sound ideal? Does your loved one put you first? Do you feel like you are included in all decisions like my person I mentioned or is it the exact opposite. Are you in a relationship where you feel unimportant and controlled? I have read about many types of relationships. Where do YOU come in? How do you feel every day. Do you get up and just go about your day? Does anyone smile at you or tell you that you look pretty? Do they put your first? Does the person you love put you above everyone else? Do you put the person you love above everyone else? Here is my take on all of this. I think if you love someone they should always come first you should both feel loved and accepted. You should do for each other every day. You should go on a date and talk and listen to each other. Hold the door open for each other, give each other flowers, or leave a rose or a note on your pillow. It is something so simple that you can do just to say hey, I love you and you are first in my life. Maybe if we did a little act of kindness each day the world would be a happier place. What do you think? I think kind gestures make people feel good. I think forgiveness feels good. I think real love and compassion feel good. Look inside you heart and cherish every moment you have with your family. Be the best YOU that you can be. Now onto the next life lesson.