How does it feel to be 50? Honestly, I do not feel any different. Today is my birthday and I feel great! I am healthy and it just feels like a regular day! It does not seem like it is my birthday. This is as far as my social media goes. I just have my blog where I talk about every day stuff. How it feels to be stressed or happy or excited or just plain Mom stuff. The ever mindful mom is just a Mom who likes to write and blog. 50 is good! God is good I have a few close friends and the people around me are the people who care. I am happy and that is what truly matters. Whatever age you are make the most of your life and do your best and be kind. Avoid stupid and negative people and anyone that thrives on being mean please avoid them There are so many people out there who are selfish! There are also good people stick to the good people. Please avoid all toxicity and you will do yourself a GREAT BIG FAVOR! Clean out the junk out with the old in with the new. If anyone gets mad at you for a stupid reason and stops being your friend than they were never your friend to begin with. GOOD people work things out and accept all of you. Remember that. Always thank GOD and be grateful. Now onto the next life lesson.