Ever wonder why you meet certain people at a certain time of your life? Is it a good thing? Are they a good influence? Are they really your friend? Do you trust them? Have they ever given you a reason not to trust them? If you have found a one true friend that has always had your back then you are one lucky person. How many true friends do you have? Have you ever met anyone that you misjudged? Guess what it happens to all of us. We all come across the users, the doubters, the narcist and the fair weather ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. When you get hurt by one you realize all the things that is wrong about them. They thrive on being mean, they are selfish, they do not really care about you and they never want you to have it better than them. Yes, there are people like that. I believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason and how long they stay is for that time of your life. You move on and you meet the next one and the one after that is like an friendship elevator you never know who is behind the door and some make you feel up and some let you down. NO matter what go with your gut and do not let anyone bring you down. Always go with your gut. Be yourself and if the users, the jealous ones, or the ones that thrive on being bitches when they are not worth it. You do not need a million followers or even let social media dictate your life. Take charge of it and be selective of who you invite into it. If you can disagree or mess up and are forgiven then you have won the lottery, Be a friend NOT a BULLY or a phony or a mean girl. Find that someone and hold onto them. Everything does happen for a reason. Remember take charge and be careful who you invite. Now onto the next life lesson.