Do you ever feel like you mind is telling you to do something? Do you fear you did something so terrible you could not take it back? Once something is done it is done you cannot take it back. You can learn from your mistakes. You can also heal. Once you have learned then you can heal. What if your conscious made you realize something you never knew before? What if it made you realize that someone was not who you thought they were. Maybe your situation happened for a reason. I believe everything happens for a reason. All those years you put into that relationship and then that person was no longer a part of your life. You realized so many things that you were blinded by. How would that make you feel? What if you realized that you were just their side kick? Your friendship was not as true as you thought. You would feel pretty rotten and maybe relieved. You are strong and you will get through it. You have plenty of people in your life that treat you with respect and love. This is ONE person that at times made you feel insecure, unbalanced, and scared. You were really afraid of them all this time. They made you feel bad about yourself. They questioned everything and had a comment for everything. One day just like a magic trick they were out of your life. How would you feel? Unfortunately, we don’t always see what we really see at the time. The lesson learned is make better choices and be who you want to be. Do not let anyone tell you how to act or live. Your life is yours and no one should take that away. I pray for peace each day. I think I have peace now. Do you have peace? I think this other person is angry and unhealthy. I think no one can have it better than them. They are jealous and angry. I do not think that is any way to live but again life is choices. I know now I have peace. I have a better life now. I believe in forgiveness and not anger. I believe in moving on and letting go. Now onto the next life lesson.