Month: October 2021

Standing UP

Lately I have been hearing about people standing up to the craziness. People are starting to respond and to quote a Twisted Sister song “There not gonna take it” You got that right they are not. Parents are running for school boards and Navy men and women are running for Congress. I am proud of you America we are coming together. We will NOT let the crazy take over. God bless America and the people fighting for freedom. Freedom Matters and they know it! We need to keep America great and safe. Keep standing up it is working and we will get our country back. Keep praying and asking God for help he he is here and he will help. Do not give up! Your life matters, your family matters, and our freedom matters! Get out there and get involved! Now onto the next life lesson.

That ONE Thing

If you could fix one thing in your life what would it be? Would you ask for forgiveness? Would you change your whole life? Would you ask for a do over? Would you fix a relationship or friendship? What would you do? Life is short if the person was that important to you will work it out. If they do not want to than it is their loss. Plain and simple or is it? Is it just a matter of being a cold hearted person and walking around with no heart or conscious? Is it just that you do not give a flying leap? What is it about not speaking or fixing something that makes it hard? I wish I could tell you. It just does not make any sense. Why would you not want to change ONE thing. Why would someone not want a second chance? How can someone be so cold and cruel? Why are people so UN forgiving?

They do not want to look weak and lost. They want power and control. If YOU have the power to change something would you do it? You do have the power you always have you just need the courage. I guess it is just something you have to accept some people are just cold and malicious. They walk around with out a care in the world. They are mean and unfeeling. They are cruel and think they are tough and stoic. I pray that who ever wants to forgiveness gets it and who wants to continue on a destructive path I will pray for you too. You are missing out on a good life.

Make that ONE thing an act of kindness and STOP being Mr. or Mrs. TOUGH the world has enough anger and like Queen Elsa LET IT GO

Now onto the next life lesson.

Are you a Patriot?

Do you believe in freedom? Do you love this country? Do you believe in Freedom of speech and the constitution?

I cannot understand or believe the craziness today. I believe in free speech., freedom. democracy. and standing up for what is right. We have to stand together. We must win over this crazy war of words and nonsense. For a very long while I got off social media best decision I ever made. I only have a business account and I am even considering advertising another way. I am so proud of the ALL the people standing up for what is right. If you have faith and believe in GOD than you are on the right path.

As a nation we need GOD more than anything else in the world. If we have GOD we have it all. We need to reach out and pray and ask for his help. We as a nation need to save America. {SOUND familiar)? Of course it does. Many have sacrificed for this great country and we have to acknowledge that. We have to fight for our freedom and keep our country safe and strong.

I pray everyday we stay safe how about you? Can you honestly tell me you feel as safe as you did four years ago? Now onto the next life lesson.

Saturday edition

Today is Saturday. It is a beautiful sunny day here. The neighborhood is quiet and people are pouring their coffee and reading or watching the news. Maybe you are gathered at the breakfast table and talking as a family. You put your work away for the weekend and your phone is in your room. Everyone has your attention. Now what do you have to say? How do you feel about what is going on in this world? How do you feel about America today? I am proud of ALL the parents standing up for their kids. I am proud of the people standing up for their rights. We need to take a stand and take our country BACK! I am ready how about you? Pray for America! We need GOD we need faith we need America Back! Make sure your voice is heard. I love my country and I want my freedom. Now onto the next life lesson

Freedom Matters

This year I hit a milestone. I am the fabulous big 50 . In all the years I have been on this planet living in this country NEVER I have witnessed such chaos. What is going on in this world? Did people just wake up and lost their minds? I NEVER thought I would live in a time in history where there are so many dangers. I am scared and afraid for myself and my family. I do not feel safe. I do not feel like this is the same country I was born in. They use to say if you were born in America you won the lottery. Do you think that is still true? I pray every day that things will get better. I have one thing that most people have lost and that is FAITH!! Do you have faith? We need GOD AND FAITH! Please continue to fight please continue to pray! We need GOD more than ever. I pray for our children! I might even say we need a super hero! I pray parents keep fighting I pray we educate ourselves and continue to fight for our country. Isn’t it worth fighting for? I thinks so. If you are reading this continue to pray if you have kids advocate for them. If you love your freedom fight for it Write to your Congressman, write to the governors . Be proactive make your voice heard! This is still America and I love my country. Thank the veterans and the doctors and the nurses the truck drivers the farmers the mail man thank everyone spread kindness and thank GOD every day. “Give me Liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry . Come on patriots we need to come together. God bless America! Now onto the next life lesson.


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People, Time, and choices

We all have routines and schedules. Most of work for a living or maybe we are home raising children. A very honorable occupation. What is your schedule? How do you go about your day? Are you commuting? Are you working from home? Either way you are earning money to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Most people are busy with your daily lives. NOW would you if you took an hour or more out of your day to do an act of kindness. What would you choose to do? Would you volunteer at a animal shelter? Would you volunteer at the library? What would you do to give back? I bet if everyone volunteered an hour a day or more life would be better. If people gave back to their communities they would feel a sense of accomplishment. NOW would if you gave an hour day to talk to GOD? What would you say? What prayers would you share with GOD? I can say that I talk to GOD every day. I pray for everyone and especially for peace. Do you pray for peace?

I challenge anyone to volunteer an hour a day and or talk to GOD? Who is with me? I want to know how it makes you feel to give back and to let yourself be heard in prayer. I want to know if you feel different. What if GOD asked you do to deliver a message? Would you deliver it? Who would you tell?

During this crazy times we need GOD more than anything. I will pray and have faith will you? Now onto the next life lesson.

Are you an optimist?

Are you a positive person? Do you believe in good things? Do you hope for the best? If you are all those things you are heading on the right path. Keep your head up and your smile on your face. It’s okay to mess up once in awhile. As long as you have a good attitude you are headed in the right direction. Believe in yourself, trust in God,and always be truthful. Let things roll even though it may not be easy. Be the best YOU! Don’t forget where you came from. Now onto the next life lesson.

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