We all have routines and schedules. Most of work for a living or maybe we are home raising children. A very honorable occupation. What is your schedule? How do you go about your day? Are you commuting? Are you working from home? Either way you are earning money to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Most people are busy with your daily lives. NOW would you if you took an hour or more out of your day to do an act of kindness. What would you choose to do? Would you volunteer at a animal shelter? Would you volunteer at the library? What would you do to give back? I bet if everyone volunteered an hour a day or more life would be better. If people gave back to their communities they would feel a sense of accomplishment. NOW would if you gave an hour day to talk to GOD? What would you say? What prayers would you share with GOD? I can say that I talk to GOD every day. I pray for everyone and especially for peace. Do you pray for peace?

I challenge anyone to volunteer an hour a day and or talk to GOD? Who is with me? I want to know how it makes you feel to give back and to let yourself be heard in prayer. I want to know if you feel different. What if GOD asked you do to deliver a message? Would you deliver it? Who would you tell?

During this crazy times we need GOD more than anything. I will pray and have faith will you? Now onto the next life lesson.