If you could fix one thing in your life what would it be? Would you ask for forgiveness? Would you change your whole life? Would you ask for a do over? Would you fix a relationship or friendship? What would you do? Life is short if the person was that important to you will work it out. If they do not want to than it is their loss. Plain and simple or is it? Is it just a matter of being a cold hearted person and walking around with no heart or conscious? Is it just that you do not give a flying leap? What is it about not speaking or fixing something that makes it hard? I wish I could tell you. It just does not make any sense. Why would you not want to change ONE thing. Why would someone not want a second chance? How can someone be so cold and cruel? Why are people so UN forgiving?

They do not want to look weak and lost. They want power and control. If YOU have the power to change something would you do it? You do have the power you always have you just need the courage. I guess it is just something you have to accept some people are just cold and malicious. They walk around with out a care in the world. They are mean and unfeeling. They are cruel and think they are tough and stoic. I pray that who ever wants to forgiveness gets it and who wants to continue on a destructive path I will pray for you too. You are missing out on a good life.

Make that ONE thing an act of kindness and STOP being Mr. or Mrs. TOUGH the world has enough anger and like Queen Elsa LET IT GO

Now onto the next life lesson.