What are your plans for the holidays? Do you host? Do you cook? Are you having family or friends over? Whatever you do I hope it is calm, peaceful, and filled with good food and love. What is your favorite dish that you eat around the holidays? Do you make mashed potatoes from scratch? Do you eat Turkey for Thanksgiving? What about Christmas and Hanukkah? How do you celebrate your holidays? Do you have family traditions? Do you have a big family? While we sit and eat and talk about the events throughout the year holidays can bring stress and with everything going on who wants to talk about the events of the world? I know I don’t. I think people need to pray more and mediate. I think people need to ask God for help. I think our entire nation needs gods hands.

When I was a little girl when my mom was alive, we celebrated all of the holidays. After she passed, we never celebrated anything. It was really sad. I remember watching a neighbor we will call her M and I used to see her whole family over for the holidays and it made me sad that I would be sitting looking out the window while a big family crowd gathered at her house. My Dad would say, “Do not bother her that is her family.” I would just sit there and hope that maybe my dad would change his mind and we would do something special. I never said anything to M would it have made a difference? I do not think so.

I hope that no one has to go through not celebrating a holiday. I hope everyone has someone no matter if they are ten people or one other person as long as you are not alone it makes it nice to share a special day with someone. I will pray that everyone has someone. Now onto the next life lesson.