Month: December 2021

The Perfect Find

Have you ever found something that was perfect? It caught your eye and you picked it up and just knew you had to have it. Every once in a while, we find things that we know we have to have. Maybe it is a purse or a painting. It could be jewelry. Maybe it is the perfect house. You could picture yourself living there. Whatever it is it makes you happy. it something that you know you love. You cherish it and you are grateful you found it. Most of us have experienced the perfect find. When you do you will know. It is the feeling of comfort and joy. The feeling that you get what you find something you love.

For some it could be a soul mate. Maybe you met your soul mate the old-fashioned way. Maybe you were in the same place at the same time. The important thing is you found each other and now you can be together.

We all want something or someone to love. Maybe you found the perfect book to read. No matter your pleasure you are happy because to you it is perfect. You are content and you feel complete. Good luck I hope you find your perfect find.

Now onto the next life lesson

Out of the blue

Have you ever had someone contact you that you have not spoken to in a while? What was it like? Did they text you? Did they call? How did the conversation go? Sometimes we lose touch or life gets in the way. I think if your relationship is strong than you will be just fine. What if you thought it was and it turns out it was not? It hurts and eventually it hurts less. Did you have a falling out? Was it just the fact that life gets in the way? Would you continue talking? What would you do if you had a falling out and that person texted you out of the blue? You just go with the flow? Some people are easy to read others are not. I guess let the chips fall as they may. All I can do is pray for them. I can hope and wish them well. Would you send them a christmas card out of good faith? Why not you wish them well and it is a kind gesture. The world needs more of those. Maybe they just needed to know you were there. Whateverr the reason maybe the air is clear or maybe they just did it because they said they were thinking about you. If they were thinking about you maybe they miss you. Some people are not always good at explaining their feelings. It is okay I understand. Be the best you that you can be and live your life to the fullest. God is good and he is listening. Now onto the next life lesson.


We all love our families. I think that goes without say. We cannot choose our family but that’s okay we love them. We love our daughters, sons, husbands. Our family is everything to us. We would do anything for them. Each day I pray for my family that they are safe and loved all the time. We may disagree and have our ups and downs but that is okay. It is nice to know that we always have our families to depend on. The holidays are not always easy not everyone is still with us, but we make the most of it and with love we can do anything. Now onto the next life lesson.

The Generations

What is going in with people all over the world? Has everyone lost their mind? There is so much division and hatred. This is not my America. What caused all of this. This is not how I grew up? What happened to honor and respect? Where is the truth and the honesty? Where are the facts? Have you lost faith? I miss the 80’s and how I grew up. I miss the good ol days. I miss the friends I had when I was little and the times I had as a kid. I miss my parents. I feel sorry for the future generations. I wish for everyone to have a happy childhood. It seems like gloom and doom are everywhere. We need peace and good people.

The people that witnessed the most horror in their lifetime are the ones that appreciate the best. What era did you grow up? No matter when you grow up you should appreciate the good times and thank God every day for each day you get to live.

Now onto the next life lesson.

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