Do you find yourself saying this would not happen when I was growing up? I know I am saying it now. How long can this craziness go on? We cannot allow the government or anyone else to ruin our country I do not care where you stand as long as you are not siding with the craziness. Are you hearing me? Aren’t we supposed to follow the law? Aren’t we supposed to be the strong country and the place where dreams come true? Why is this allowed? Why is this tolerated? I pray to God it is not tolerated to much longer we the people must stand together to make our nation strong and proud! Why can’t people come here legally why are others coming here committing heinous crimes and getting away with it?

I did not sign up for this did you? I want a strong nation I want a WALL! I want to be safe! I pray to God every day and I hope you are too. God needs us to pray and to believe and have faith. Do you still believe? Do you have faith? I want to hear from you. I want my readers to tell me how they feel. Thank you taking the time to read my blog each day between calls or on your lunch or while you have your coffee. YOU are my audience and I want to hear from you.

Now onto the next life lesson.