Can you count on one hand how many times in our life we count on other people? For one second just think about it. We really depend on other people for a lot of things. People and money make the world go round. Do you know who we need most of all in this crazy world? Can you guess? I bet you cannot! We need GOD! Yes, we need to pray more, and we need to listen more. We depend on people in our everyday lives. We depend on grocery clerks, the restaurants, the police, fireman, farmers, plumbers, builders. There are so many people we depend on. Who do you depend on? How do you get through each day? If we took a few minutes out of our busy days to pray to God I bet our days would be better. God needs to hear from us. Every day I pray, and I hope he listens. Do me a favor think, pray and do each day. If we all come together than we can get through this craziness. Do not lose faith and if you feel you have get it back and talk to God. Thank you and have a blessed day. Now onto the next life lesson