I have so many things to be grateful for especially in this crazy world today. First, I am blessed with a wonderful family. I have my faith and my trust in God. I am a believer in God and prayer.

Now for my amazing news my daughter who participated in an internship with project search an organization who helps young adults with disabilities My daughter received the news she was officially hired at the hotel. I am so proud of her and when she received her award like any mom I thought of her younger years and pictured her tying her shoe for the first time. I am so very proud of her today. My youngest daughter also achieved something great she has graduated middle school with all A’s. I am one proud Mom. I have walked in their shoes with them and know what it is like to fall and get back up. I have sometimes felt like I was re living my childhood with their struggles so similar to mine. I want to thank God for making me their mother and believing in us. I want to thank everyone, do and you know who you are that always believed in them. Do not ever tell someone they can’t because they can. All you have to do is try and you can do it. Do not ever give up and keep that chin up. Now onto the next life lesson.