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I am a daughter, wife, and mother. I have written a children's book in 2006. I have also written a romance novel in 2020 called SOMEDAY. I am currently writing a new novel titled the Kings and Queens of Aberdale High. It should in January. Also coming soon is the Patriot's daughter. I believe in God and I always have faith.

Not when I grew up

Do you find yourself saying this would not happen when I was growing up? I know I am saying it now. How long can this craziness go on? We cannot allow the government or anyone else to ruin our country I do not care where you stand as long as you are not siding with the craziness. Are you hearing me? Aren’t we supposed to follow the law? Aren’t we supposed to be the strong country and the place where dreams come true? Why is this allowed? Why is this tolerated? I pray to God it is not tolerated to much longer we the people must stand together to make our nation strong and proud! Why can’t people come here legally why are others coming here committing heinous crimes and getting away with it?

I did not sign up for this did you? I want a strong nation I want a WALL! I want to be safe! I pray to God every day and I hope you are too. God needs us to pray and to believe and have faith. Do you still believe? Do you have faith? I want to hear from you. I want my readers to tell me how they feel. Thank you taking the time to read my blog each day between calls or on your lunch or while you have your coffee. YOU are my audience and I want to hear from you.

Now onto the next life lesson.

You got to have Faith

If you have faith, you have everything. If you believe in God and prayer, you are on the right track. What do you believe? Do you have faith? Do you listen to God when you pray? What is about faith that makes us strong? It is the belief that everything will work out. It is having the power to know it will be okay. There is nothing stronger that God or faith. Faith will always win! God is good and all you have to do it take deep breaths, know that everything will be okay and be brave. Life is short make every moment count take time out for self-care and to talk to God. You do not even have to pray you can just talk he will listen.

Times are so crazy right now it is time for change and the people need to stand up and we are, and I am proud, are you? Are you proud to be an American? Thank you, veterans, and fellow patriots for our freedom. Let us be free and proud! God bless America! Now onto the next life lesson

Amazing People

Who do you know that is amazing! Who do you know that touches your heart and soul? There are so many good people out there but how many are truly amazing! We could all use some one amazing in our lives. We may ask ourselves what we did we do to deserve this amazing person? God chose us to have them in our lives.

There all are kinds of people in this world some are good, and some are not so good. The people in our lives are in there for a reason. None of us learn the same and none of us are perfect. We all are special in our own way. How are you special? Who is in your life that is AMAZING? I can say I have a few amazing people in my life that I am blessed to know. Some of these people have helped me through difficult times. I appreciate everyone that has helped in my life. Who has helped you? Who has listened and not judged you? Who in your life has been a good influence? If you have more than five people in your life that are AMAZING and have helped you than you more than blessed.

I see everyday heroes looking out for one another, I see kindness and appreciation. I see all kinds of things that make people AMAZING!

Of course, there are exceptions however, we should focus on the positive. Don’t you think so? Let me know what you think. I want to hear from you. Now onto the next life lesson.


Did you hear that? Yes, you that was your voice! Your voice saying how you feel. Do you feel good today? Do you feel like you can get up make your bed and take on your routine? Of course, you can because you made your voice heard! You said how you feel. You have a voice and you got it! You have to tell others how you feel. It is important that we all have a voice! Get up and be heard. It is so important to self-advocate for yourself no one else will but YOU! Yes, you. If you can get up and make your bed than you have completed the first task of the day. You can continue to do your routine.

Whatever you want you can get as long as you work hard and be the best YOU yes YOU! Congratulations on being heard. Now take it and go with it. You got it. Now onto the next life lesson.

Family And your Chosen Path

God chose me to me to be the mother of my children. I love them with all my heart. I would not change one hair on their head. We all are chosen to be something whether it is a president of a company or a hotel manager. We all chose our path. We are responsible for our thoughts our actions and keeping our families safe. None of us go in the same direction. I do know one thing family is family. Family comes first. I know I have told you about my kids. They mean the world to me. I love them for who they are and who they are becoming.

What is your family like? Do you have a big family? Do you spend time with them? Do you work hard to provide for them? We all want what is best for our families. We have made sacrifices ourselves and have adapted to new routines. We all have grown together, and we have learned from one another. This is what we do. We also fight for one another. If something is not right, we aim to fix it.

If you have a child with special needs, then you know what I am talking about. You know people try to take advantage or maybe they have been bullied. Or maybe you had that teacher who just did not care. I can tell you from experience about the teacher. Of course, there are ones that go above and beyond. You hold onto those believe me. They are the gems! They are the ones you want for your kids.

If you have a loving family then you hold onto them. You are blessed. If your kids have wonderful friends like mine do than you are blessed. They are blessed. You take life one day at a time. No battle was won in one day. Remember those parents in Virgina? I thought that was AMAZING1 They fought, and they won! WOW I loved that! I pray for those than cannot speak for themselves. I hope they find a voice.

Count your blessings and always be the voice! Now onto the next life lesson

Pray for Peace

Do not let the negative in. Try and pray for peace. Take a moment to pray to God for peace. Allow yourself sometime of quiet. Have positive thoughts and let the negative go. Let go of the anger or the argument you had with your spouse or best friend. It will blow over. Be the better person and allow yourself the freedom of forgiveness. Be the best person. Think of what makes you happy. Did it work? Did you pray for peace? I know this time is hard and things are out of sorts. Remember to thank God and ask for his protection. Take a deep breath close your eyes and picture peace. Did it work? How do you feel now? I hope you are at peace. If not keep at it and you will be soon. Now onto the next life lesson.

Above and Beyond

Do you go the extra mile? Are you one of those who loves their job and believes in going above for someone? If you said yes than you are an exceptional person. You love your job, and you make it look easy. There are a few people I k now that do this. When you make someone feel good it really goes a long way. They will tell everyone about you and let everyone know to ask for you. You have done your job and gone above and beyond. People are happier when things go the right the way and especially when they are pleasantly surprised. When you do something nice for someone you put a smile on their face you make them want to pay it forward and do nice things for others. Do you see a pattern here? When you do acts of kindness you set an example for others and then it continues. Let’s spread positivity and get rid of all the negative energy. There is way too much of that going around. We need to overpower those who are negative. What are some things you can do? You can pay for the coffee of the person behind you, or you can hold the door open for someone. You can smile at a stranger, help a neighbor with their groceries, maybe you can drop a meal off to an elderly couple. You decide how to spread the kindness. You will feel so good inside for spreading the kindness. Out with the ugly in with the kindness. Show off your beauty by spreading kindness. Now onto the next life lesson.

Mental Health

I think that mental health is so important. It is important to be healthy in the mind as well as the body. There is so much tension in the world and so many scary things happening at once. I do not understand what we did to deserve all of this. Has anyone thought to pray? If you are praying, please continue and if you haven’t then get going, we have work to do. Do you talk to someone? Are you opening up about your feelings? I just want life to be peaceful. A simple word yet so hard to come by. Why is that? Does anyone know? I will say what we need, and I think we will agree. The first is God and the second is people not losing faith and the next is people standing up for what is right? Why are the ones working in government going so easy on criminals? Since when is that okay? I am tired of this we need people in office that will keep criminals in prison, and we need law and order. I feel sorry for the police. I want justice for those who have lost loved ones. I want to feel safe all around. What is happening to this country? I hope and pray for a better America going forward. Please God do not let them destroy it for our kids. God bless America. Please get help if you need it. Talk to someone that can help you. It is so important to be healthy. Now onto tne next life lesson.


If you could get in touch with someone, who would it be? How would you contact them? By letter, phone or text? Maybe you would find out where they lived and go see them. Is that a good idea? I guess it depends on your relationship. What would you say? Do you think they would be happy to see you? Would you bring something? If you were to write a letter, what would you say? How would you begin? I think that words are so important. How you say things and what you say means something. You can really hurt someone’s feelings and ruin the friendship or worse say something you cannot take back. How would you feel if out of the blue you heard from someone that you had spoken to in a really long time? I think if enough time had passed, I would be curious. You do not know unless you try. If you never reach out, you will never know what they feel. Go ahead and take a chance you could rebuild something special, or you could just get turned away but if you do not make an effort you won’t know. I hope it works out if you decide to make that move.

I only wish the best for all of my readers. I wish that you have peace and happiness in your lives. I hope that there are no burdens and grudges following you around. Let it go and be free and carry on. Life is too short. Be the best you that you can be. Now onto the next life lesson.

Talk to your pets and plants

I think it is important to talk to our pets and plants. I have heard that your plants grow and are healthier when you do. Pets love attention. They are loyal they do not ask for anything except love. All you have to do is love and care for them. They do not treat you like garbage or are mean to you. They never yell at you. They just love you for who you are faults and all. I wish more human beings were more like pets. People can be very cruel and nasty. Their words can hurt you. Even the ones you feel you can trust, and love hurt you with their words. Why do they do that? Are just sensitive or are they cruel? If more people were like dogs and cats and other pets the world would be a better place. What do you think? How do you feel about pets and plants? Would you talk to them if you had them? Or are you not a pet person? Maybe you prefer plants. Whatever you prefer is just right for you. As long as you are happy and healthy. Now onto the next life lesson.

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